Dec 21, 2021

Alt77, the Online Home of Alternative Music


Outside the mainstream: With Alt77, punk-rocker Eduard Banulescu has created a music blog that provides a safe haven for music mavericks. That’s the spirit! And that’s why we introduce Alt77 to you.


Alt77 caters to music that exists outside of the shackles of mainstream commercial constraints.

It is your big brother’s record collection. The cool one that plays guitar and seems to own all the best books, clothes and albums. At least, this is what the site aims to do. At a time where big corporations have their hands in every pie, Alt77 looks to celebrate innovative art, freedom seekers, and weirdos who can all come up with a good tune.

Alt77, A Safe Haven for Music Mavericks

Alt77 founder Eduard Banulescu
Eduard Banulescu

Alt77 was founded by Eduard Banulescu in 2016 with the exact same goals, and same punk-rock attitude that it has today.

The blog was initially merely a way to express Eduard’s personal opinions on matters related to music. A musical artist, and member of several bands, the writer has long nurtured an affection for punk, alternative-rock, goth, and all styles that fall just outside of the strict norms of commercial pop music. 

Alt77 is, primarily, a curated list of bands and songs. Music reviews, news content, playlists and interviews are published daily on the website, as well as on its social media pages (Facebook, Instagram & Twitter) and YouTube channel

Eduard is inspired by the writing of Nick Kent and Lester Bangs, the world’s greatest music journalists.

Daily reviews are focused on alternative music’s best modern artists. Some of them are household names. Most of them are barely known outside of their own house. All of them, however, are chosen carefully and Alt77 is proud to recommend them to readers.

“Alt77, just when you thought there was no alternative left.” – Eduard Banulescu

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