Jun 14, 2021
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The Music Industry In 2021: Artists Are Startups?


Today is an unprecedented time of opportunity for aspiring musicians. Technology now means anyone with talent, hustle and a dream has the chance to build a meaningful career from their passion. Artists like you can now connect with audiences at the click of a button, but with new opportunities come new challenges. As an independent artist – like a startup – you now have to think about marketing your music as much as making it.

Artists are startups? We talked to Sam Bates, CEO and founder of Amplify.link – a tool to democratise the marketing of creativity helping you to become the next generation of successful independent creative entrepreneurs. They have a whole arsenal of tools to make your work easier and grow your audience. And offers all gigmit users a free trial.

The Music Industry In 2021

Artists are startups? In this modern music industry, artists need to be talented and business savvy to succeed. The increasing digitisation of the music industry – exacerbated by last year’s events – means that artists can now access the traditionally gatekeeper filled world of the music industry through digital means, using social media platforms to grow your audience (particularly TikTok, Instagram and YouTube), digital streaming platforms allows music to be accessible everywhere around the world instantly and its possible to network professionally within the industry through LinkedIn, Twitter and online e-conferences. 

gigmit: Hi Sam, for artists, making music has long ceased to mean mastering an instrument. As artists today, we can do much more without outside help, and must do so in addition to making great music.

Sam Bates: This is why we believe that artists are startups and many of you don’t even realise it yet. As artists today, especially independent ones, to be successful (whatever that means to you) there is now so much to consider. You have to think about everything from your social media presence to running full-blown paid marketing campaigns, from your logo to full creative direction and branding, as well as creating merch, scheduling shows, engaging with fans, dealing with finance, and much much more besides!

Not to mention making sure you earn enough money to survive in this competitive streaming environment. We want to help with as many of these problems as possible in the long term, allowing you to lighten your workload, so you can focus on what you enjoy most, music. We want to inspire a new generation of creative entrepreneurs, helping you to create freely but also maintain control of your art and creative business.

You are the CEO and Founder of Amplify.link. What is Amplify.link?

Amplify.link empowers artists and creators like you by providing you with the tools and knowledge to connect, grow, engage and monetise your audiences.

Starting as a humble smart linking tool, it is now a rapidly developing digital marketing software toolkit providing real value to artists. By integrating traditional smart link features, streaming services, insight-driven analytics, e-commerce, and social media platforms into one service, Amplify.link supercharges growth and elevates artists’ careers. 

Today Amplify.link has a community of over 80,000 users and has grown by 100% in the last 12 months. 17 million fans have engaged with Amplify.link artists and their music. Repeat fans have made over 26 million connections via their favourite artist’s Amplify.link.

The proof is in the pudding…or in this case, the statistics and success stories. Amplify.link has helped grow the careers of many artists across a multitude of different genres from heavy metal to dance to hip hop and beyond, including several well-known ones. UK Rapper Darkoo used the platform to support her hit track and music video, Gangsta, which now has over 25 million views on YouTube and went on to sign a record deal with Atlantic Records. American Rapper and Actor Joey Bada$$ was also an early adopter of Amplify.link.

You said that artists are startups. If I register with Amplify.link, what does a successful workflow look like in concrete tools?

Signing up to Amplify.link is simple! We are offering you the gigmit community an exclusive Free Month Trial of Amplify.link Pro (No credit card required). So that you can start benefiting from the following features in seconds:

  • Release link – Easily create beautiful landing pages with links to your latest track or album across all streaming and download services.
  • Pre-save link – Hype up your fans for your upcoming releases and give the streaming platforms the right signals about it with our sleek pre-save landing pages.
  • Livestream link – Schedule a live stream event using Amplify.link and let fans choose their preferred live streaming platform.
  • Bio link – A simple, beautiful, brandable microsite with links to your most important content right now!
  • Customise your landing pages – We offer an ever-expanding arsenal of templates, fonts, colours and unparalleled customisation options that enable you to showcase your brand and stand out from the crowd.
  • Insights – Gather detailed analytics and intelligent insights from streaming and social, we help you understand your audience, and your impact, on a deeper level.
  • Merch – Showcase your merchandise right on your link pages. Link to any online store and boost your revenue.
  • Donations – We’ve integrated with Patreon and PayPal so you can earn more from your audience.
  • Email capture – Email is still one of the most important marketing channels. Grow your email marketing list by placing a customisable email sign up form on your link pages.
  • Tracking pixels – Apply your Facebook (Instagram), Google (YouTube), Snapchat and TikTok retargeting pixel codes, so you can track and increase conversions across these channels.
  • Custom domains and URLs – Secure your artist domain and brand your experience from head to toe.

Amplify.link: Artists are startups?

How can Amplify.link help the gigmit community?

Amplify.link’s core mission is to help artists and creators like you connect with their audiences, grow, engage and monetise.

Many of Amplify.link’s core features greatly benefit the Gigmit community. From our landing pages templates, offering unparalleled styling and branding options, allowing you to present your music in line with your brand vision, to our pre-save campaign that give digital streaming platforms positive signals about your upcoming release for playlisting. Our Bio link tool allows you to simply and effectively manage a list of your most important content and links, proven to drive fan engagement. Pair this with our other community building and monetisation features, such as donation buttons and email capture to really make the most of every audience interaction.

For booking, it is becoming more and more important to be able to prove a fan base.

Through Amplify.link, gigmit artists can track their analytics and their growth in different geographical regions. This is indispensable when it comes to booking gigs and convincing a promoter that you have a following in that particular city. 

What defines the industry today?

The music industry isn’t a stagnant sector – it’s a constantly evolving, live organism that requires artists to adapt to ever-changing circumstances. Social media platforms continue to chip away at the fourth wall that previously characterised the artist-fan relationship. Fans are becoming content creators themselves. Therefore, artists have to restructure this relationship and come up with innovative ways to connect with their fans through their content, from TikTok challenges, to back-stage material, Twitter polls, Discord servers, Twitch streams and so on.

What role does AI play?

AI is set to revolutionise an industry that already depends a lot on technological advancements. Recent updates such as Spotify’s US patent for a personalised user experience based on personality traits, virtual performances via Fortnite and Roblox and the psycho-emotional profiling engine Musimap show that artificial intelligence and music are set to become even more inextricably linked in the next couple of years

Ok, artists are startups! But aren’t artists also overburdened?

Helping people like you thrive in these ever changing circumstances is our number one priority. As a company, we have a lot in store to meet the challenges you will have with the coming changes. We can’t wait to show you what we have in our roadmap, we are committed to offering even more value to our users year on year, democratising the marketing of creativity and levelling the playing field for you. 

We want to provide an alternate, inclusive and accessible route to success to our users around the globe. If you’d like to join us on this journey, we are offering gigmit users an exclusive Free Month Trial of Amplify.link Pro (No Credit Card Required). What do you have to lose? Sign up today and let’s build the best artist community on the internet, together.

Thanks a lot, Sam!

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