Jul 07, 2021

MURMAN Play Again, to As Many People As Possible


MURMAN is an indie-rock duo from North London. Drummer Abbi Knell and extroverted vocalist David Murdoch met about 3 years ago via GumTree and have played across London, from Scala to Camden Assembly, with an emphasis on energetic live performances and catchy, loud songs. In February, they released their latest single, Achilles, which is a fast-paced follow-up to their heavier-sounding fourth single, Panama.

We talked to the band about the dependence on promoters and how to take responsibility for successful concerts themselves.

gigmit: Hi MURMAN, what do you miss about in-person performances?

All of it! We definitely miss the nervous energy you get before going on stage and the fun you have in meeting bands from across the world. We’ve supported a lot of European and Australian bands in London and it’s great getting to know other musicians and listen to new music. But mostly it’s missing playing in front of crowds and getting people to really engage with the songs by singing lyrics back to you, it’s a really irreplaceable feeling and something we can’t wait to get back to doing.  

What annoys you most about organisers?

The world of promotion and organising gigs seems to increasingly fall on the bands themselves. We’ve worked with a lot of great promoters across London from Bark, to Dark Party, to Sous Le Radar, but we’ve also found loads who don’t promote the gig on socials, expect you to sell a minimum number of tickets, and don’t pay bands for performing, so it’s really hit and miss. Often we end up paying to rent out a space and do all our own promotion, that way we know exactly what we’re getting and can put a lot of effort into making the event a success. 

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How political should music be?

It’s a difficult question – we love bands that are hyper-political in their music like Idles, and others that are more political in their actions like Massive Attack, but equally enjoy listening to artists that aren’t political at all. Not every musician should feel the need to be political, but it’s great that some are, and using a creative platform in that way can be really engaging for audiences and important for them to hear. Equally, if you don’t like mixing your politics with your music, then you don’t have to listen to the musicians that do! There’s something for everyone.  

What can we expect from you in the future?

Well when gigs are back, we’ll be doing as many as we can! We’re also hoping to release another single later in the year, and play a few more gigs outside the capital. Getting into more cities across the UK was our original plan for last summer, so we’ll definitely be making the most out of the freedom we have to play again, to as many people as possible.

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