Sep 13, 2019

LIVE Gets Easier: The New Gig Application Process Is Online

Booking requests can be annoying: Can we play for you? When can we play for you? What do we get if we play for you? Can you provide a drum kit? Did you get my message? Why aren’t you answering? etc.

We want to make booking easier. Promoters and artists already have enough to do. That’s why we’ve radically simplified the gig application process and opened it up for live acts who aren’t on gigmit. It’s not about mass but about getting what you need. Easy.

One channel – one application management tool

The classical booking process runs via email, on the phone, through social media, sometimes even still in a more oldschool way with demos through the post. Many channels, many requests, many unread messages: a lot of stress.

Some clubs and festivals even have their own gig application forms so that they receive inquiries in their inbox in a more orderly fashion, which sometimes helps a little. We have gone one step further and built up an infrastructure that keeps your inbox clean by reducing the email overload. Among other things, promoters use gigmit because they want to bundle the gig applications together – in one channel.


You know who fits the criteria. You decide who should apply. With simple filters and settings, you determine the conditions of your event in advance. Thanks to the gig announcement, everyone knows what’s going on and what you’re looking for. Deathmetal bands will no longer apply for living room concerts.


Each application is clear and data-based. It contains all the standardised information you need for a good booking: media, press information, gig history, fan numbers, riders and contact details. You don’t have to ask questions or have further communication – if you don’t want to.

Costs, Benefits, Time

You will find all gig applications in order and uniformed in just one list. Just listen or cancel in one click. If you’re booking via gigmit, contract and insurance are included: fast, secure and to your taste. No costs and a lot of time and nerves saved.
We believe that in a global network in which everyone loves the live experience, life can be made easier by skipping the unnecessary effort of extra correspondence. More than 100,000 live acts are registered on gigmit, including the hot international scene of tomorrow, which is already performing at Europe’s most important showcases today.

New: no exclusivity

And here we go! The following argument doesn’t count anymore: “The acts I want to book are not on gigmit.” – We thought along and answer happily: so what? Even artists who don’t have a gigmit profile yet can apply for your gig now. In less than 3 minutes with just a few clicks. Free of charge. The following video shows how:

Artists can check the gig details and conditions and simply click on “apply”. They can connect their Facebook, Spotify and YouTube accounts and the gig application form will be filled automatically. They can also add their genres, compensation details, past gigs, riders and contact information and submit their application. And it’s done! The gig application is sent to a relaxed promoter.

With our EU-funded project LASER we will provide you with information in the future, which will show you, which acts are doing particularly well in your region which is pretty useful to know. It’s also free of charge.