Jun 18, 2020

Update: 5,540 New Contacts In The FESTIVAL & VENUE DATABASE


We just added a new data set of 5,540 stages to the existing gigmit FESTIVAL & VENUE DATABASE.

Its total number has thus increased to incredible 12.713 contacts. More will follow…

Why Is This Update Good for You?

The database growth continues! You can benefit directly from the update of the gigmit FESTIVAL & VENUE DATABASE – even during the Corona period. Artists usually get into the live music for the creative side, not the administrative one. Researching the right venue or festival and contact them to get shows is a creative time killer and a challenge (especially if the tour takes place in a foreign region or country).

For instance, if an emerging band from the UK wants to play in Berlin, they have to look into the local venue landscape of Berlin. 

  • Which venues offer live music events?
  • Which club or festival books my genre or meets my requirements?
  • Where can I find the right booking contact? 

In addition, we know from numerous interviews with gigmit artists that they had to build their own venue database, using tools like Excel for years. Investing a lot of time to keep it up to date and contact each venue with a single email.

The gigmit FESTIVAL & VENUE DATABASE will solve this problem: it is your address book for more gigs and better touring. It includes smart filters, a map view and a bulk mail option. Since the latest update of the FESTIVAL & VENUE DATABASE, you can find more than 12,500 contacts. And that’s not it, we are currently working on adding new ones very soon.

gigmit FESTIVAL & VENUE DATABASEUpdate: Festival & Venue Database

We want to assist and empower artists to find and contact the right Festivals and Clubs for more gigs and better touring.

Check it out now!


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