Sep 26, 2023

Reeperbahn Festival 2023: A Musical Extravaganza in Hamburg

Hamburg’s Reeperbahn Festival, Europe’s largest music event, spotlighted artists, drawing enthusiasts, including gigmit’s favorites.


From September 20th to 23rd, Hamburg once again transformed into the vibrant epicenter of the international music scene. The Reeperbahn Festival, Europe’s largest platform for pop culture and the music industry, opened its doors, providing a stage for both emerging and established artists. Simultaneously, it acted as a hub for acts, music enthusiasts, and industry experts. Here’s an overview of this year’s festival, including our favorite acts from gigmit.


Acts and Locations: The Reeperbahn Festival 2023 Lineup

The Reeperbahn Festival 2023 kicked off on September 20th and promised a diverse musical program. Already confirmed were high-caliber acts such as The Hives, Antje Schomaker, and Blood Red Shoes. Additionally, performances by artists like The Pretenders, Holly Humberstone, and AVEC graced the stage. The lineup also featured promising German acts like Symba, Levin Liam, and ENNIO. The venues varied, ranging from the iconic Elbphilharmonie to intimate and large venues along the Reeperbahn. Notably, the concerts at the Elbphilharmonie included performances by Altin Gün, Matt Corby, Jeremias, and Bruckner.


Our Favorite Acts from gigmit at Reeperbahn Festival 2023

The Reeperbahn Festival showcased an impressive array of talent, including some fantastic artists who are part of the gigmit family. Here’s a glimpse of our favorite acts:

1. 49th & Main: A dynamic duo that blends genres effortlessly, taking the audience on a musical journey.

2. Adwaith: A Welsh quartet known for their unique sound, combining indie rock with elements of their native language.

3. Aera Tiret: An emerging artist with a captivating voice and a knack for crafting emotionally resonant songs.

4. Ailbhe Reddy: An Irish singer-songwriter whose introspective lyrics and enchanting melodies leave a lasting impression.

5. Alice DiMar: A rising star with a powerful voice and a talent for crafting catchy, genre-defying tunes.

6. Alina Amuri: A charismatic artist known for her soulful blend of reggae, hip-hop, and R&B.

7. Altin Gün: Masters of psychedelic Turkish rock, delivering groovy and hypnotic performances.

8. Andreas Balicki: A singer-songwriter with a knack for storytelling through his heartfelt compositions.

9. Andrina Bollinger: A multi-talented musician known for her ethereal vocals and innovative songwriting.

10. Art School Girlfriend: An artist whose music seamlessly fuses dream-pop and electronica, creating a mesmerizing sonic landscape.

11. Asbest: Known for their high-energy live shows and unique blend of indie and punk influences.

12. AySay: A band whose music reflects a fusion of various genres, resulting in a captivating and genre-defying sound.

13. Bayuk: An electronic artist with a penchant for creating immersive sonic experiences.

14. Bazzookas: Masters of blending world music elements into their rock-infused sound.

15. Blush Always: An indie-pop act known for their dreamy melodies and heartfelt lyrics.

16. C’est Karma: A singer-songwriter with a gift for crafting emotionally charged and introspective songs.

17. Cameron Hayes: An artist whose music effortlessly bridges the gap between indie and pop, creating catchy and relatable tunes.

18. Chinchilla: An indie rock band with a knack for crafting anthemic and memorable songs.


19. Cucamaras: A band that combines indie and rock influences to create an energetic and anthemic sound.

20. Cousines like Shit: An indie-electronic duo known for their infectious beats and captivating live performances.

21. COBEE: An electronic artist who creates immersive soundscapes that transport listeners to otherworldly realms.

22. Daada: An experimental artist known for pushing the boundaries of genre and sound.

23. DasRADIAL: Human–machine hybrid with a talent for crafting intricate and mesmerizing sonic journeys.

24. Die Cigaretten: A band known for their punk-infused sound and high-octane live performances.

25. Dirty Sound Magnet: Masters of psychedelic rock, delivering mind-bending and immersive musical experiences.

26. Eva McBel: An artist with a captivating voice and a talent for crafting emotionally resonant songs.

27. Dominik Hartz: A singer-songwriter with a knack for crafting heartfelt and relatable songs.


28. CVC: A versatile band who seamlessly blends elements of pop, R&B, and electronic music.

29. Ferge X Fisherman & Nujakasha: A collaboration that fuses reggae and hip-hop influences into a dynamic and danceable sound.

30. Dream Nails: An all-female punk band known for their empowering and energetic performances.

31. English Teacher: A band that combines indie and punk influences to create catchy and socially relevant songs.

32. Fiio: An artist known for their genre-blurring music that spans electronic, pop, and indie influences.

33. Florence Besch: A singer-songwriter with a knack for crafting introspective and emotionally charged songs.

34. Florian Künstler: An artist whose music seamlessly blends indie and pop elements, creating infectious melodies.

35. Flyying Colours: Masters of shoegaze and dream-pop, delivering mesmerizing and immersive sonic landscapes.

36. Georg Stengel: An artist known for his heartfelt and soulful compositions, drawing inspiration from various genres.


37. Get Jealous: A band that combines indie and alternative rock influences to create energetic and memorable songs.

38. Grandbrothers: Masters of experimental electronic music, known for their innovative and genre-defying sound.

39. Haviah Mighty: An artist known for her powerful and socially conscious hip-hop music.

40. HIMALAYAS: A band that creates a high-octane blend of rock and indie, guaranteed to get the crowd moving.

41. iedereen: A Cologne duo that creates hypnotic and atmospheric electronic music that transports listeners to another dimension.

42. Jack in Water: Whether performing in the UK, Germany or Spain, this Folk artist’s almost ethereal music gives audiences from all over Europe goosebumps.

43. Isak Danielson: A singer-songwriter with a gift for crafting emotionally charged and relatable songs.

44. iskwē: An artist known for her genre-blending music that incorporates elements of pop, electronic, and Indigenous influences.

45. JEREMIAS: A versatile band whose music spans indie, pop, and electronic influences, creating infectious and danceable tunes.


46. Josh Island: An artist who creates atmospheric and introspective music that invites listeners to explore their emotions.

47. Júlia Colom: A singer-songwriter with a captivating voice and a talent for crafting emotionally charged songs.

48. Kids with Buns: An indie-pop duo known for their catchy melodies and relatable lyrics.

49. KOIKOI: An indie band from Serbia. They painstakingly weave Balkan melodies with loud electro-rock in the style of Chromatics.

50. La Nefera: The rapper from Switzerland has been active as a musician for over ten years and with her own project, La Nefera, she manages the balancing act between musical rhythms and socially critical content, encouraging people to dance and think in equal measure.

51. La Sécurité: An indie-electronic band that crafts infectious and danceable tracks.

52. Lady Banana: A punk-infused rock duo known for their high-energy live performances.

53. Lyschko: A band known for his genre-blurring music that spans electronic, pop, and indie influences.

54. Maria Hein: A singer-songwriter with a gift for crafting heartfelt and emotionally charged songs.


55. Mina Richman: She is a songwriter with no equal, combining music with social issues has always been a matter of great importance to her.

56. Maz: An electronic artist known for creating mesmerizing and immersive sonic experiences.

57. Mehmet Aslan – Live: A versatile artist whose music combines electronic and world music influences.

58. mischgewebe: Mel D and Bill B are experimental artists that push the boundaries of sound and genre.

59. Mise en Scene: A duo that blends indie rock with elements of folk, creating a unique and captivating sound.

60. Mother’s Cake: Masters of progressive rock, delivering intricate and mind-bending musical journeys.

61. Naya Ali: An artist known for her powerful and socially conscious hip-hop music.

62. NEEVE: Friends and relatives since childhood, Axel, Felix, Marius, and Philipp have been making music without restraint since before they finished school. An intimate bond unites the four of them, the fruits of which are reflected in the unconditional feel-good indie that the quartet have been carrying over Stuttgart’s hills and into the world since 2018.

63. Marissa Burwell: An emerging artist with a captivating voice and a talent for storytelling through her music.


64. Nils Keppel: An artist known for his introspective and emotionally resonant songwriting.

65. NOËP: Hailing from Tallinn, Estonia, this artist brings a unique alternative pop sound that has now reached no less than 60 million Spotify streams.

66. Nova Twins: A punk-rock duo known for their high-energy and empowering live performances.

67. NOVAA: An artist who blends electronic and pop elements to create hypnotic and dreamy soundscapes.

68. Nueve Desconocidos: An artist who creates immersive and atmospheric electronic music.

69. Ottolien: An emerging sibling duo known for their soulful vocals and emotionally charged songs.

70. Pablo Brooks: An artist who crafts infectious and danceable tracks that blend indie and electronic influences.

71. Queralt Lahoz: From flamenco nuevo to bolero and from alternative R&B to pop rap and dancehall, Lahoz incorporates everything into her style that is conducive to her own artistic vision.

72. Ryan McMullan: Listening to his songs, your feelings go from heart-breaking melancholy to quiet hope or pure delight at the magic conjured up by this man solely through his voice and guitar.


73. Sam Himself: The Basel-born and New York-based artist shuttles effortlessly not just between the two cities, but also between musical styles, influences and vocations.

74. Sam Quealy: She shifts chameleon-like not only between styles, but art forms too: professional expressive dance, bookings for Paris Fashion Week catwalks, performance art – plus of course musical ambitions ranging from pop and rap through to club music.

75. Sans Soucis: An artist known for her genre-blending music that combines pop, soul, and R&B influences.

76. Shell Beach: These five Hungarians create high-energy and anthemic rock music that gets the crowd moving.

77. Shitney Beers: An indie-pop artist known for her catchy melodies and infectious live performances.

78. Superbloom: The Brooklyn quartet takes all that was good about the 1990s grunge hype and adds elements of power pop, alternative rock and emo.

79. SPARKLING: A band known for their dreamy and atmospheric indie-pop sound.

80. SKAAR: A versatile artist who crafts infectious pop and indie tracks that leave a lasting impression.

81. Sirens Of Lesbos: An eclectic band known for their genre-blurring music that spans electronic, pop, and world influences.


82. T.Thomason: An artist who creates heartfelt and introspective music that resonates with listeners.

83. The Crap Apples: A Catalan band known for their high-energy and anthemic indie-rock sound.

84. The Garrys: An indie-pop trio known for their catchy melodies and charming harmonies.

85. The Komets: A band that blends rock and indie influences to create energetic and memorable tracks.

86. Veronica Fusaro: A singer-songwriter with a captivating voice and a talent for crafting emotionally charged songs.

87. The Vices: An emerging band who crafts infectious indie-rock songs with a nostalgic twist.

88. Uzi Freyja: As Uzi Freya, the trio create hard-kicking hip-hop that draws eclectically on names as diverse as Eminem, Queen Latifah, Nicki Minaj, and Death Grips to create something entirely their own.

89. Tramhaus: This band from the Netherlands, live on stage, is a sweaty feast for every punk enthusiast.

90. Wolf & Moon: A band known for their folk-infused indie sound, creating heartfelt and melodic tracks.


These Gigmit artists, among many others, added a unique flavor to the Reeperbahn Festival 2023, showcasing their incredible talent and diversity. Their performances left the audience in awe, reaffirming the festival’s reputation as a platform for discovering and celebrating musical excellence.


Program Highlights: Art, Literature, and Discussions

The Reeperbahn Festival offered more than just musical performances. It featured a broad range of events, including art exhibitions and literary readings. The “Make some noise” theme explored the intersection of music, politics, and pop culture, featuring live podcasts like “Homegirls” and readings from authors like Yasmine M’Barek, the author of “Protest: Über Wirksamkeit und Risiken des zivilen Ungehorsams” (Protest: On the Effectiveness and Risks of Civil Disobedience). Sebastian “El Hotzo” Hotz presented his book “Mindset,” and additional live podcasts such as “Danke, gut” and “BBQ” were also on the agenda.


Anchor Award and Networking at Reeperbahn Festival 2023

In addition to the musical program, the Reeperbahn Festival recognized emerging talent through the “ANCHOR – Reeperbahn Festival International Music Award.” The German Music Talent Program supported young German artists looking to make their mark abroad. Furthermore, the festival offered the Reeperbahn Festival Conference, providing insights and networking opportunities for the music and creative industries.

The Reeperbahn Festival 2023 was a testament to the power of music to unite, inspire, and entertain. With a diverse lineup and a wealth of cultural offerings, it solidified its position as a must-attend event for both music lovers and industry professionals. We eagerly await what the next edition of this iconic festival will bring. Until then, let the music play on!


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