Jul 07, 2022

What Made Vizi Be More Honest With His Audience?

Meet Vizi, who is an acoustic-pop artist from Transylvania, Romania. As he said, in the place where he comes from people do not express their feelings so freely. What has made him take a different patch?

gigmit: Vizi, could you tell us more about yourself?

I am from Transylvania, Romania and I play acoustic pop music. I have a live looping show with which I play in Europe. I guess interactivity makes my show unique.  At home people weren’t familiar with the live looping concept and kept asking where I get my backing tracks from and they didn’t believe me when I told them that I make everything on the spot, so I invented a little game: people have to yell random words to me and I incorporate them into a song I make on the spot.


How did you get into music?

My mother was a traditional folk music singer and she sang to me all the time. When I was a child we used to play “guess the instrument” and I had to guess each musical instrument from various songs my mom played on the stereo.

How would you describe your sound?

My sound is mostly organic but I am not afraid of using any element that ads to the value of my music.


How does your creative process look like?

I look for moods. If I get the right mood through lyrics or music, the song is almost ready.


What musicians/artists were you listening to when you wrote your latest piece of music?

Adele, Anderson Paak, Ed Sheeran. I was analysing many artists and why they are successful on the long run. It seems to me that their secret to success is being honest and showing their true feelings through their music. I never did that. Showing your feelings in Eastern Europe is a sign of weakness. It a big no no. It’s like showing your wounds to a rival pride of lions. But I realised that if I will not be honest to my audience I will have no audience. This also meant that I have to find my true self. The common thing about these artists (and many other successful artists) is their honesty. So this is what I let myself do. Show my audience that I also have feelings, I’m not any different from anybody. Or maybe just a little bit if I expose myself to the public. What helped me a lot also is that I attended to the ZAiKS Songwriting Camp this year (I applied through gigmit😉) and it changed the way I was thinking, my workflow and it was a unique experience that marked me for life. After I came home from there I started releasing songs every week until December. And the last one is “Sparrow”.


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