May 06, 2024

86 gigmit Artists Not to Miss at The Great Escape 2024

Get ready to mark your calendars for May 15th to 18th, 2024, because The Great Escape 2024 is gearing up to be an electrifying showcase of musical talent. Set against the vibrant backdrop of Brighton, UK, this year’s festival boasts a lineup of over 500 acts, with 86 gigmit artists you won’t want to miss. From indie rock to electronic beats and everything in between, there’s something for every taste at The Great Escape 2024.

Dive into the Sounds of The Great Escape 2024

But why just take our word for it when you can experience the magic for yourself? We’ve curated a special Spotify playlist featuring tracks from all 86 gigmit artists set to grace the stages of The Great Escape 2024. Plug in your headphones, turn up the volume, and let the music transport you to the heart of the festival: Listen to the playlist here.


Now to the list of artists:

Sirens Of Lesbos
Sirens Of Lesbos, visit artist profile.

Hip Hop / Rap / R&B

Prido (schedule) | Bodur (schedule) | Kuzi Cee (schedule) | Kaisha (schedule) | Cam Thomas (schedule) | OIEE (schedule) | AE (schedule) | Dove Ellis (schedule) | Chiedu Oraka (schedule) |Haviah Mighty (schedule) | Delilah Bon (schedule) | Sirens Of Lesbos (schedule) | safenath (schedule) | Jarki Monno (schedule) | Lana Lubany (schedule) | Antony Szmierek (schedule)


Folk / Singer-Songwriter

Pem (schedule) | Marissa Burwell (schedule) | Zoe Graham (schedule) | Blossom Caldarone (schedule) | Henry Grace (schedule) | Ludwig Hart (schedule) | Tendertwin (schedule) | MAVICA (schedule) | Izzie Derry (schedule) | St.Arnaud (schedule) | Reevah (schedule) | Bishopskin (schedule) | Melanie Baker (schedule) | Brooke Law (schedule) | Rosie Frater-Taylor (schedule)

Pop / Pop-Rock

Lost Romantic (schedule) | Beattie (schedule) | Loupe (schedule) | Beside the Pool (schedule) | Jango Flash (schedule) | Dirtsharks (schedule) | Dilettante (schedule) | Maluridé (schedule) | Saya Noé (schedule) | La Sécurité (schedule) | Sunna Margrét (schedule) | Parliamo (schedule) | SPARKLING (schedule) | CHINCHILLA (schedule) | Coupdekat (schedule) | Kylie Price (schedule) | Vanity Fairy (schedule) | Winona Forever (schedule) | Corella (schedule) | Crystal Tides (schedule) | Immy (schedule) | Ellie Bleach (schedule) | Midnight Rodeo (schedule)

Coupdekat, visit artist profile.

Rock / Punk

Sila Lua (schedule) | Choses Sauvages (schedule) | Fräulein (schedule) | SNAYX (schedule) | The Gulps (schedule) | VENUS GRRRLS (schedule) | Human Interest (schedule) | CARSICK (schedule) | Erotic Secrets of Pompeii (schedule) | Mildred Maude (schedule) | DARTZ (schedule) | Mellt (schedule) | Gallus (schedule) | IDestroy (schedule) | Leatherette (schedule)


TIBASKO (schedule) | Toya Delazy (schedule) | Tony Njoku (schedule) | YARD (schedule) | Solaariss (schedule)

Indie / Alternative

Adult DVD (schedule) | Big Sleep (schedule) | Colour TV (schedule) | The Sheratons (schedule) | Pys Melyn (schedule) | Shambolics (schedule) | The Rills (schedule) | Hermetic Delight (schedule)

Soul / Jazz / Reggae

freekind. (schedule) | Divorce From New York (schedule) | Aleighcia Scott (schedule) | Steven Bamidele (schedule)


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Are you gearing up to attend The Great Escape 2024? We’ve got something special for you too! As you navigate the bustling streets of Brighton and hop between venues, make sure to check out our interactive Google Map featuring all 86 gigmit acts scheduled to perform. With venue locations and time slots conveniently marked, you can plan your festival experience down to the minute.

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