Jan 06, 2022

Cristina Russo On Artist’s Problems With Genres


Cristina Russo is a Sicilian singer of neo-soul and urban fusion music which is contaminated by various mixtures of styles. Maybe you already know her from the gigmit Twitch live streaming or because she was selected for SXSW in 2021. She is composing her music together with her producer Marco Di Dio who is also her husband. In her words: “By putting a little of his soul and a little of mine you get our songs, so special to me.”

We talked to Cristina Russo about the problem of genres for musicians, why gigmit does a great job for artists, and how to protect yourself from creativity theft.

gigmit: Dear Cristina Russo, what’s your view of the music industry today?

It’s a money-making machine. I think there is a desire to homologate in some genres. I wouldn’t want to be wrong, nor talk too much…

What makes your sound so special?

It’s regardless of a stylistic genre. My motto: music is everything you want and you have to be able to express it however you want. This is the idea of ​​my sound: refinement regardless of the specific genre covered, to never bore my audience and bring it into my world.

How will the business change after the pandemic?

I hope that, after the homologation of the styles, there will be the storm of the “creative sea” and new sounds will arrive…

Let’s talk about your latest single “Sotto il  Cielo”? In the video, we see nudity and people wearing medical masks over their mouths, noses, and eyes.

I was inspired by contemporary history, rather. “Sotto il cielo” is different from the other album. But I needed a clearer and simpler language to talk about the depersonalization of our cultural identity, which was created with Covid. We must strip ourselves of our fears because otherwise, we will remain naked as in a Lager.

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How did you get into music?

I played with my first band at the age of 14. We did covers. I started making unreleased music at 16. And since then I have had many formative experiences, playing many genres as well as noise rock music, blues, pop and finally I met and studied jazz. I entered it considering everything else trivial. But then I retraced my steps, realizing that composition is independent of a single genre but of an influence and listening to what you love.

Musician Christina Russo
Cristina Russo: “Music is everything you want and you have to be able to express it however you want.”

What do you feel when you close your eyes on stage?

I think it is my home. The sweetest place…

Isn’t there something that annoys you about fans?

Nothing! We need to remember that our music grows with them.

And what annoys you most about promoters?

I hate the lack of kindness. It is essential for an organizer and I really appreciate it. I hated when an organiser asked me how many people I brought to the club. Now it’s not like that anymore…

How did gigmit help you during your artistic career?

gigmit has helped me a lot, giving me visibility, making me know many festivals. I was able to perform in fantastic live streaming and finally with this wonderful interview. I recommend everyone to sign up for gigmit. It is a great opportunity for artists. It does a great job for us.

What is your key to success in getting booked? What advice could you give an aspiring musician?

I show how much I love my project and how well it works live. I always succeed! The advice I can give to other artists relates to something else: Always record your songs in a collective society to defend your “copyright” before someone can steal some songs from you. It happened to me a few years ago. So be careful!

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