May 08, 2024

Meet the 6 gigmit Acts Rocking the Eurovision 2024 Semi-Finals!

Experience the thrill of the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 as we spotlight six sensational gigmit artists competing in the semi-finals, each bringing their unique talent to the international stage. Dive into the beat, meet the semi-finalists, and discover why Eurovision matters in 2024!

Hey, Eurovision aficionados and music lovers alike! Are you ready for the ultimate showdown of musical prowess, glittery costumes, and electrifying performances? That’s right, the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 is in full swing, and we’ve got some serious talent vying for the top spot. But hold onto your sequins, because today, as we count down to the grand finale on May 11th, we’re shining the spotlight on the six sensational artists who’ve made it to the semi-finals.


Eurovision Song Contest: Why it matters in 2024?

You might be wondering why it’s so important for these artists to take part in the Eurovision Song Contest. For up-and-coming artists, participating in Eurovision offers unparalleled exposure and networking opportunities. It’s a chance to introduce themselves to millions of viewers, both in Europe and around the world, and potentially launch their careers to new heights. The competition has a track record of catapulting relatively unknown acts to international fame.

Additionally, the Eurovision Song Contest serves as a celebration of cultural diversity and artistic expression. It brings together countries from across Europe (and beyond) to showcase their unique musical styles, traditions, and creativity on a global stage. In a world that often feels divided, Eurovision promotes unity through the universal language of music.

Watch the Second Semi-Finals tomorrow 9th of May here: 

You can tune in this Saturday 11th of March to watch the Grand Finale (live stream) here:

Dive into the Beat: Meet the Semi-Finalists

Aiko from Czechia: Soulful Sensation

Aiko by Sarah Louise Bennett/EBU
Aiko at the Eurovision 2024 by Sarah Louise Bennett/EBU

Kicking things off with a bang is the incomparable Aiko from the heart of Czechia! With her soulful voice and mesmerizing stage presence, Aiko is poised to steal hearts and captivate audiences worldwide. Check out her profile on gigmit and get ready to be swept away by her enchanting melodies.

Vote for Aiko here.

Bambie Thug from Ireland: Party Starter Extraordinaire

Bambie Thug by Sarah Louise Bennett/EBU
Bambie Thug at the Eurovision 2024 by Sarah Louise Bennett/EBU

Bambie Thug, pioneering the term ‘Ouija-pop’ to define their musical style, has garnered significant attention with a string of boundary-pushing singles and an EP titled CATHEXIS, which received acclaim from critics. 

Well-versed in commanding large audiences, Bambie has delivered electrifying performances at renowned festivals worldwide, such as Download Festival, The Great Escape, and Trans Musicales, earning praise from critics and fans alike – visit their gigmit profile and join the party today! Vote for Bambie Thug here.

Iolanda from Portugal: Hauntingly Beautiful Ballads

Iolanda by Sarah Louise Bennett/EBU
Iolanda at the Eurovision 2024 by Sarah Louise Bennett/EBU

Prepare to be spellbound by the enchanting melodies of Iolanda from Portugal! With her hauntingly beautiful voice and evocative lyrics, Iolanda is set to leave a lasting impression on audiences around the globe. Head over to her gigmit profile to listen to her music and show your support for this rising star. Vote for Iolanda here.

Raiven from Slovenia: Vocal Powerhouse

Raiven at the Eurovision 2024 by Sarah Louise Bennett/EBU
Raiven at the Eurovision 2024 by Sarah Louise Bennett/EBU

Slovenia’s very own Raiven is ready to take the Eurovision stage by storm! With her powerful vocals and electrifying stage presence, Raiven is a force to be reckoned with. Head over to her gigmit profile to listen to her music and join the legion of fans cheering her on to victory. Vote for Raiven here.

Puuluup from Estonia: Folk Fusion Phenomenon

From the enchanting forests of Estonia comes the award-winning internationally active zombie-folk duo, Puuluup! Fusing traditional folk elements with modern beats, Puuluup is here to take you on a musical journey like no other. Head over to their gigmit profile to experience the magic for yourself and show your support for this powerhouse pair. Vote for Puuluup here.

Nebulossa from Spain: Infectious Energy

Nebulossa at the Eurovision 2024 by Sarah Louise Bennett/EBU
Nebulossa at the Eurovision 2024 by Sarah Louise Bennett/EBU

Last but certainly not least, we have Nebulossa from the vibrant streets of Spain! With their infectious beats and infectious energy, Nebulossa is here to get the party started and keep it going all night long. Head over to their gigmit profile to listen to their music and show your support for this unstoppable duo. Vote for Nebulossa here.



So what are you waiting for? Get out there and vote for your favorite gigmit artist in the Eurovision Song Contest 2024! And while you’re at it, be sure to visit their gigmit profiles to discover more about these incredible talents and book them for your next event. Let’s show our support for these rising stars and make Eurovision history together!


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