Sep 21, 2020
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Making Superfans With Gotobeat Accelerator Program


5 musicians, 3 months, 1 marketing system – Gotobeat Accelerator is a three-month marketing program for artists to grow their fanbase. Apply here until 30th September 2020.

Gotobeat Accelerator

Over the course of the three months, the Gotobeat Team is going to create a tailored communication and marketing strategy for each musician (based on automated emails, social media advertising campaigns, and more) designed to create a community of people they can get in touch with and a real audience that wants to buy your merch, music, or tickets. In a class of max. 5 people the Gotobeat team is going to work side-by-side with each musician, optimising your online presence and creating an automatic engine of growth for your fanbase based on digital marketing and social media advertising (Facebook and Instagram). It’s going to be like having an expert marketing team at your disposal for three-months that is going to teach you all the best strategies to achieve your musical goals.

Who Is Behind It?

Gotobeat Accelerator is developed by Gotobeat, a London-based promotion company now working with over 200+ musicians every year in the UK and all around the world to organise and advertise their live shows.

Over the past year, Gotobeat has developed a precise marketing system to bring people to its events. Now the team at Gotobeat wants to share this with selected independent artists from all around the world and help them grow a real, loyal, community of super-fans. Exactly, a community of super-fans. They are your advocates, they are your best supporters, your patrons, they buy your merch, they come to your shows, they listen to your music and share it with their friends. They are the key to every musicians’ success.

How to Apply

Applications for the October 2020 cohort are now open here until 30th September 2020. Very limited spots available, so we advise applying as soon as possible to have the best chances to get accepted into the Accelerator.

FULL DISCLOSURE: prices start at £500/month (you pay only if you decide to start the program after you are selected). The Gotobeat team worked hard with their partners and team to keep the prices the lowest possible, despite the high value they’ll deliver, to help as many artists as possible access the program. This is key for their mission and values: Gotobeat puts artists first. Always.

Apply HERE for Gotobeat Accelerator.
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