Dec 03, 2020
Guest Post by Hanna Gulyas, Founder of Garden Wonder

Home Grown: A Garden Wonder & gigmit Collaboration


Discover ‘Home Grown’: an online showcase festival by the Budapest-based GARDEN WONDER, in collaboration with INDOOR INSPIRED by gigmit.


Hanna Gulyas, Founder of Garden Wonder
Hanna Gulyas, Founder of Garden Wonder

Now you can re-watch ‘Home Grown’, our first GARDEN WONDER online showcase festival that took place on the 25th-26th November, with upcoming international artists that we hand-picked from gigmit applicants, gave them a virtual stage on the show4me platform, and created a beautiful event with our teams across Budapest, Berlin, and London.

Discover the Full Line-Up

An amazing assembly of artists came together for this first online showcase event, and we are so excited to share this experience with you! The line-up reflects the heart behind our GARDEN WONDER live concerts, chill atmosphere, creativity, and diversity in the indie music scene. ‘Home Grown’ is a collaboration with INDOOR INSPIRED by gigmit, and all artists are gigmit members. The festival features already established and upcoming international artists.

Riding high on another success with her new single ‘Deadline’, Lydia Evangeline performed an exclusive cozy home-recorded set from her living room in London. The American Zach Winters brought us a special home-recording featuring Lane Winters on harmonies. The American Sam Himself, currently Switzerland’s newest emerging artists, presented music from his latest LP ‘Slow Drugs’ right back to his debut ‘Songs in D’.
runforrest recorded his new show exclusively for us, including unreleased tracks, and already loved ones from his earlier releases ‘Romance’ and the self-titled ‘Runforrest’.
The Australian folk legend Lucas Laufen made a welcome return as one of our best-loved Garden Wonder artists, performing his songs in the most intimate set from his cozy studio in Berlin.
Other acts appeared including the Brazilian-Czech alt-pop group TEHA, the incredibly talented new face of the indie-folk/pop scene, the Northern Irish singer-songwriter with an incredibly dynamic presence Jack Devlin, Brazilian-Swiss pop artist Caroline Alves, the Brighton-based synth-pop young creative Megan Lara Mae, and the Icelandic-Australian indie folk group elkvilla.
Performances were captured in the artists’ own homes and studios across the world and were streamed exclusively at our event.

NOVEMBER 25th – Wednesday

19:30 | Caroline Alves (BZ/CH)
20:05 | Jack Devlin (NI)
20:40 | Lucas Laufen (AU)
21:15 | Zach Winters (US)
21:50 | Megan Lara Mae (UK)

NOVEMBER 26th – Thursday

19:30 | Sam Himself (CH)
20:05 | TEHA (BZ/CZ)
20:40 | elkvilla (IS/AU)
21:15 | Lydia Evangeline (UK)
21:50 | runforrest (PL)

It was a pleasure picking the artists that resonated with our core at Garden Wonder, and to be able to connect with them across the globe.


The gigmit Experience

The process of artist selection was made possible by the gigmit platform, and we have to say it was a pleasure picking the artists that resonated with our core at Garden Wonder, and to be able to connect with them across the globe. Within a day of opening the call for our festival we received about 45 applications, so we had a lot of work to do to look through all the artist pages, and respond to those we most felt were suitable for the “Home Grown” festival experience at Garden Wonder.

We were especially thrilled to have discovered two new artists, TEHA and elkvilla. The Brazilian-Czech alt-pop formation TEHA actually didn’t fall into the main genre of our call (as we are mainly focused on singer-songwriters, indie-folk, synth pop, and other ambient vibey genres) but when we saw their music video “Mother Earth” – we were convinced that they will add a fresh new layer to our artist selection.

The other successful applicant was a coup-de-foudre instant ‘Yes’ on our side. The Australian-Icelandic duo only had a couple songs on their gigmit profile, but we didn’t need anything more to know that they fit right into our chill living-room atmosphere. Adam, the singer wrote a personal note to us, and we were happy to see that he’d done the research on who we were as concert series, and could already see that we’ll work well together.

The festival concept was simply that the artists all recorded an exclusive music performance in their homes / studios across the globe, and we broadcasted these videos in our 2-day line-up. After each music bloc we also created a 10-min Q&A section where the artists were actually live, sitting in front of the camera and were there to answer questions, and share about their upcoming projects in the most personal way possible.

This was a beautiful side of the festival that naturally unfolded as artists followed each other’s sets and found inspiration this way.

As a first online festival experience, together with gigmit, show4me, and our artists, we all felt that this was a successful event in this online sphere. Our artists were able to play their music to a new audience, and they were happy to engage with fans via the Q&A as questions poured in the last 10 minutes.

Also many of our artists decided to be active during during the whole festival and encouraged the other artists via comments during their sets, and even discussed possible future collaborations. This was a beautiful side of the festival that naturally unfolded as artists followed each other’s sets and found inspiration this way. Our guests were equally inspired, commenting in the festival steam chat box, and were keen to ask questions from our artists, also letting them know that they are excited to see them play live again, and will keep following and supporting them artists in this season.

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