May 17, 2021

How to Live Streaming in 5 Basic Steps


While shows, concerts, and gigs around the world had to be canceled, a previously neglected format has asserted itself and conquered the new reality: Live streaming. It’s worth the hassle! We have summarised the most important 5 tips for you to make your stream a hit.

Why Is Everyone Online?

Live streaming has become an expanding industry, and the audience has become more familiar with this idea too. Artists start new into this idea of the music world, waking up still in pajamas with a guitar in their laps ready to explore the new image of the music industry. To ensure that you can also start calmly into your next or maybe first live event, you should definitely follow these 5 steps.

1. The Right Platform

In addition to the required standards such as streaming devices, i.e. phones, tablets, or computers, you should think in advance on which platform you want to showcase your gig in the first place.

YouTube Live Streaming

Mockup Handy mit YouTube icon

One of the most popular online platforms for videos is YouTube. YouTube Live is an easy way for artists to reach their community in real-time. Additionally, the 8-hour limit on YouTube is ideal for streaming events and conferences.

Facebook Live Streaming

Live Streaming: Facebook icon auf Smartphone

The Facebook Live service allows any Facebook member to broadcast videos live from their newsfeed using their mobile device or computer. One of the biggest advantages of Facebook Live streams is the invite function. Fans, friends, and colleagues can join the real-time broadcast with a simple click.

Instagram Live Streaming

Mockup Instagram Login

The easiest way to go live is with Instagram Live Videos. All you need is yourself and your smartphone. The Instagram live streams, which can last up to an hour, appear at the top of your followers’ feeds – to be precise, they are displayed in the area where you actually find the Instagram Stories.

Twitch Live Streaming

Picture of Artist doing a live streaming event

On Twitch, numerous videos are streamed every day. Most of these are based on video games that the player comments on. But Twitch doesn’t just offer gamers a platform. Live events, interviews, or Q&A sessions are just a fraction of the possibilities Twitch offers you. We at gigmit have been using the Twitch service since December 2020, so check out our weekly live stream events and get inspired.

2. Spread the Word

Now that you’ve chosen the platform that works best for you, make sure you let people know in advance when and where you’ll be broadcasting. The best way to do this is to announce your live stream on all your social networks. Behind-the-scenes insights or even a taste of your performance are perfect content. To promote your live streaming event successfully via social media read here our online promotion whitepaper for free.

3. The Connection

“And then the lights went out…” – To avoid this you should make sure that your internet connection supports your project before your big stream. You don’t need a 1000Mbit/s connection for your real-time broadcast. However, you should test if your show will be transmitted smoothly and clearly. A short sound & video check via smartphone is all you need for this.

4. Fasten Your Seat Belt

Make sure your camera is set up in a stable location. Either use a tripod or get a solid platform for your camera. You don’t want your camera to slowly sink during the stream and reveals the messy part of your room.

5. The Big Day

This is it. Your first stream is prepared, your friends are informed and you are ready to communicate with the world in real-time. As the organiser of your own event, you now have control over the main content as well as the supporting program. Even if you think you are just alone at home in front of your camera, you are not. Interaction with the audience is key. Therefore, try to communicate with your guests as much as possible. Greetings to the commenters or responding to open questions in the chat strengthens the connection between you and your viewers. Build your own live community and earn a euro or two on the side.

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