Oct 06, 2021

Manifesting Your Dreams Through Music With Sighdafekt

Sighdafekt (Dave Slagorsky), is an artist and producer from Tel Aviv, Israel.

Firstly released his debut EP “Sodom & Gomorrah” late 2016 that earned him a spot in Soundcloud’s top 50 global Hip Hop charts. For the last few years, the artist has been working alongside multiple in-house / out-house producers on sounds that don’t limit Sigh to a certain genre, and definitely bring forward textures that are fresh & un-heard before to the Israeli music scene. Enjoy our interview with this talented artist!

Hello Sighdafekt! Describe your creative process and how Sighdafekt’s sound came about. 

It’s enough for 1 line or something said to get me writing / producing and get the wheels in my brain to start turning. Usually, I just bounce off that 1 line and develop it to an entire verse which can take anything from 5 minutes to a few hours. Sometimes I let my brain and thoughts go places that are further than my experiences. That’s the beauty about it: music can have you manifesting your wildest dreams and put them in a body of work to be spread and heard around. It’s the best way I found to express myself, as Sighdafekt, and I love making other people feel something, paint a picture in their head or whatever that body of work does.

Can you tell us an album that makes you feel.

There’s one that has my heart on a lock! It’s “Voodoo” by D׳Angelo. A funk, jazz and soulful ambience throughout mixed with clever bars, sleazy melodies & silky vocals by the legend. Pretty sure I lost my virginity to this album. Enough said.

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Define Success, or what would it mean for Sighdafekt. 

For me, it’s not the sold-out stadiums or worldwide recognition. It’s the ability to influence people and being able to create change even if it’s in a small niche. Making people think and feel is something I’ve always admired. Doesn’t matter if it’s a hundred or a hundred thousand people. In addition, being able to live off your craft and earn enough from it in order to support yourself & your family is one of my all-time goals.

What annoys you most about fans? 

I don’t think it’s really a fan thing but when you just put something out and people ask you “When are you putting something new out?”. I hate stuff being overlooked. But I don’t blame anyone for it, we live in an age where there is new content every few seconds and sometimes you can’t keep track of everything. It’s perfectly natural missing an update from someone. Same as me missing texts from people, I’m horrible at it.

What questions can you no longer hear? 

I hate people asking me what’s next. Sometimes the music thing is really dynamic so I’m unaware if the next thing is going to be a single or an album or a video etc… I just bounce off based on the feeling that I have and focus my energy on whatever feels right. So if a particular project feels more right to work on than the previous I just switch and come back to the old one later on (If it feels right). I don’t draw lines to myself when it comes to these things.

Best new artists on the circuit? 

I really dig with my guy Danny Seth, who’s making a return now with a set of drops like he never left. Russian Сёстры (sisters) who have a sound I never heard before. Westside Gunn who isn’t quite new but is becoming one of my all-time favourite artists by the minute. And not to mention the great artists I personally work with and believe in dearly such as Ethel (Superstarbaby), Kizels, PRKVK, Benji, VYTALI and Kiddish Klub who are just a few of my favourites. 

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