Apr 28, 2021

Stepping Into Adulthood With Afro-Comb


Afro-Comb is a hip-hop soul and love duo on their journey to self-awareness. Flourishing with creative direction and the enjoyment of bringing creativity together, collaborating, and bringing an idea to life. Learn how you can experience every opportunity and expand your knowledge of the whole process, to ensure and also absorb an abundance of new and old music, films, and books for inspiration with Denzel and Caira.

gigmit: Hi Afro-Comb! Who are you?

Afro-Comb: Our names are Caira and Denzel making up the hip-hop soul duo Afro Comb. We are a couple from London, transcending genres ultimately exploring the music of black origin and all things eclectic in our home studio!

Since our debut release ‘Bills + Tax’ in 2018 we have played on BBC Radio London, reached over 65K streams with our single ‘Faith?’ (which reached editorial playlists), released a song ‘Venus’ with a French Label -Kitsune and been featured artists on BBC Radio Introducing London with Jess Izsaat.

We don’t like to limit ourselves; our art and creative direction expand further than the box given to the title ‘musicians’. In a short period of time, we have shown our versatility, talent, and willingness to take our listeners on our journey of self-awareness.

Duo Afro Comb

What is your creative progress like?

The magic starts with the music. Denzel paces around our flat, constructing his bars as quick as he is walking shown in his delivery and the intricacies of his lyrics. Caira sketches words and flows with paper and pen portraying her disjointed yet melodic flow.

We have a home studio, recording and mixing our song before sitting with the engineer while they develop and polish the sound. Moving on to our music videos, we produce and direct the vision, embracing another opportunity to enhance the message of our song.

Flourishing with creative direction, we enjoy bringing creatives together and collaborating, bringing an idea to life. We use every opportunity to learn and expand our knowledge of the whole process, ensuring we also absorb an abundance of new and old music, films, and books for inspiration.

What album did change everything?

Caira: The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill no doubt! Nisha, my eldest sister, would play the album non-stop. I always thought it was two people – a singer and a rapper! I was in secondary school when I realised it was one artist. I felt a deeper connection with her, she opened up my mind to what hip-hop/soul artists can do. She has a beautiful aura without hypersexualising which is the motivation for a lot of females in this industry.

Denzel: This is a difficult one! I was big on LimeWire and learned how to download songs and albums early on in secondary school. One album that really blew me away has to be My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy by Kanye. I did not know music could sound like that and it has inspired me to this day in terms of how crazy sound can be. Honourable mention has to go to The Sun’s Tirade by Isaiah Rashad, the emotions expressed on that album were a different level.

What is success?

Success is a constant journey made of mistakes, learning curves, and personal growth. We want to be able to live off our art, sharing our journey as a couple and also two individuals stepping into adulthood. Our message is universal and can resonate across the world, whether it is a crowd of 10 or 10,000 we want to engage the crowd in the same way and take our fans on an adventure.

What’s up next?

You can expect A LOT more music, EP’s, albums, etc… we have a catalogue of unreleased songs that we need the world to hear. The openness and honesty in our art allow us to document our journey as we transition through various milestones from our mid-twenties onwards. We will continue to transcend and fuse genres and experiences while expanding our art into our visual platform. We want to include and involve as many creatives in the projects we direct and produce.

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