Jun 29, 2021

15 Artists Who Will Have Their Music Introduced to Sony Music A&Rs


Summer’s around the corner, concerts are slowly happening again AND it’s time to announce our new batch of talented artists who will be introduced to Sony Music A&Rs. This time we picked not just 10 but 15 artists who we will put forward and who thus will stand a direct chance of getting signed by a major label! We make sure to pick artists from different genres all over the world, so any PRO artist or artist who applies to our quarterly A&R gig will be taken into consideration!

Ready? Here we go!


This trio from Bogotá serves us wonderful psychedelic tunes you can dream away to on a sunny summer day. Cosmic Vibes for the creative mind!




Indiarose is a Scottish hip-hop artist who has been nominated in the best hip-hop category at the Scottish Alternative Music Awards (SAMA). Check out her YouTube to hear more of Indiarose’s music and listen to her freestyle!




Introduced to Sony Music A&Rs

ATZUR is the lovechild of Florence + The Machine and Woodkid. The Spanish pianist/singer Patricia and Austrian-Iranian drummer Paul have been making music together since winter 2018 and have bundled their talents under the name ATZUR.



Massimo Russo

Massimo’s music travels from Jungle to Drum’n’ Bass, from Electronic Pop to 90’s electronic music. Massimo is a one-man project and is all about trusting in yourself and in your own creativity.




Introduced to Sony Music A&Rs

This 5-piece Indie Pop/Rock Band from Nottingham have been described as “one of the finest live acts around” by BBC Introducing. We can’t agree more with that and happily invite you to take a listen!




Recently returned from cutting some fresh tunes at the legendary Rockfield studios, this 4 piece alternative rock band from the Cotswolds, England, is ready to blow you away!




Another upcoming UK artist is Emme 23. Emme mixes excellent beats, some heavy 808s and some serious flow. A recipe for success!




Introduced to Sony Music A&Rs

Livvy K pairs catchy pop beats with a vocal performance beyond her years. Having released her debut EP in 2018 at the age of 16, Livvy K has since enjoyed regular plays on BBC Introducing and RadioCity.




Joca is a rapper and producer from Dresden, who has been making rap for almost 20 years. Honest lyrics, impressive beats. Press play and discover it yourself!




All the way from Moscow we present synthiepop duo Tanya (vocals) and Marko (guitar). Tender, dreamy, and sometimes playful electronic songs about their feelings, hopes, and experiences. 



Oranj Son

If you listen to BBC Radio you might have heard Oranj Son before! Formerly described as ‘absolute pop perfection’ we couldn’t agree more that this is a band to watch out for!




ANGE is a Spanish neo-soul singer-songwriter blending electronic and pop influences, drawing comparisons to artists like Nao and Kimbra. Incorporating influences from Stevie Wonder to Beyoncé: ANGE deserves a spot on every summer playlist! 




Introduced to Sony Music A&Rs

This Estonian band was formed in the coastal summer capital Pärnu back in 2013. Today they are here to give you positive vibes, warmth and the feeling of utter relaxation. Their music is suitably sensual and honest, never hiding what’s going on!




Ekat Bork is an eclectic artist born in Siberia, currently residing in Switzerland. Ekat Bork has been described as “genre-bending”, drawing on various genres including electronic, post-punk, triphop, hip–hop, industrial, avant-garde. Sit back and get ready to be mesmerized!




At 24 years old, Emmy Curl has what creative minds of all ages aspire to a universe of her own, perfectly drawn and filled with sound and image. In her new EP, “Origins”, Emmy promises to keep the musical personality that she has been displaying, while at the same time trying to take the songs through new and adventurous ways. Go check it out!



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