Jul 30, 2020
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5 Tips: How To Brand Yourself As A Musician


What is your brand? If you don’t know it, neither will your audience. Defining your brand will help you build an emotional connection with your fans and to better communicate your music project to promoters, which will eventually lead to more bookings. Our friends at Faniak, your career power station, gathered 5 blog posts and videos to help you brand yourself as a musician.

The Importance Of Branding: Why Branding Matters

Never underestimate the power of branding. Branding is helping you build an emotional connection with your fans and will generate fan growth. Telling a story, defining your values and building your own aesthetic is the key to good branding. 

Think Different – Steve Jobs Speech In 1997, Still Relevant In 2020 

What do you want your audience to think about you? Your brand is how you communicate with your fans. Learn how not to only explain what you are doing but what motivates you to make music, to play in certain locations, to meet certain people, etc.

Don’t Be Boring: A Musician’s Guide To Branding

Based on Simon Sinek’s theorie ‘Start with why’, start by asking yourself a few questions: why are you doing what you do? How do you put it into practice and what is it that you are doing?

How To Create A Social Media Branding Strategy From Scratch

Think differently and identify what makes you special rather than comparing yourself to other famous artists. Neil Patel helps you define your music and how to communicate about it via social media.

Music Branding Strategies For the Modern Artist & Musician

Make branding simple. Remain consistent, keep in touch with your fans, know how to handle criticism. Find out how to build an effective brand from scratch including your logo, press kit, text, artist profile and more. John Dobie helps you to make music more than a hobby.

You already know your brand? – Create your artist profile on gigmit, complete it with your music, videos, photos, press text and more!
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Brand Yourself As A Musician