Jun 21, 2024

How Live Music Increases Footfall for Pubs, Bars and Venues

Live music significantly drives footfall for pubs, bars, and music venues by creating a vibrant atmosphere that attracts more patrons. Numerous studies have consistently shown that the more live music you host, the greater your revenue and customer satisfaction. In this article, we delve into the specific benefits and impacts of live music for your pub or bar and provide practical steps to get started quickly and easily.

Here’s how live music impacts footfall and how platforms like gigmit give easy and data-driven access to artists and how this can amplify these benefits.

The Impact of Live Music on Footfall

Live music events enhance the ambiance and encourage patrons to stay longer and spend more. According to industry reports, venues hosting live music see a 30% increase in footfall. Industry evaluations further support this with a 36% rise in patronage and a 33% increase in sales during live performances.

In fact, we investigated further and could identify a huge demand for live music events at local bars, pubs and venues. Search volume on Google for keywords like “live music near me this weekend”, “music events near me” or “live music tonight” reach hundreds of thousands of searches every month. Just think about it: have you ever noticed how packed venues with live events are in comparison to those without?

Live music can significantly enhance the overall experience of visiting a venue. This positive experience often leads to repeat visits and word-of-mouth promotion, which are crucial for the long-term success of pubs and bars. Regular live music events can transform a local pub into a community hub where people come together to enjoy performances and socialise.

Live music is a powerful tool for increasing footfall in pubs, bars, and music venues. The presence of live performances creates a vibrant atmosphere that attracts more patrons, encourages longer stays, and often results in higher sales. Here’s how live music drives footfall and why it’s beneficial for hospitality venues:

Enhances the Atmosphere

Live music significantly enhances the ambiance of a venue, making it a more appealing place to visit. The unique experience of watching live performances can turn a regular night out into a memorable event, encouraging repeat visits. This is particularly effective in creating a distinctive identity for the venue, setting it apart from competitors who might not offer the same level of entertainment​​.

Crowd cheering for live music

Attracts a Diverse Crowd

Different genres of live music can attract various demographics, from jazz enthusiasts to indie rock fans. This diversity not only increases the number of patrons but also broadens the customer base. Venues like The Troubadour and The Dublin Castle in London have long been popular spots for live music, hosting a variety of performances that draw in different crowds throughout the week​ (visitlondon.com)​​ (Secret LDN)​.

Boosts Revenue

Live music events often lead to increased spending on food and drinks. Patrons are likely to stay longer and spend more money while enjoying a performance. According to industry reports, the vast majority of venues enjoy an increase in revenue and footfall when hosting live gigs​. This uplift in sales can be crucial, especially in times of economic challenge.

Friends drinking at a bar

Supports Local Artists and Community

Hosting live music also supports local musicians, providing them with a platform to showcase their talents. This not only enriches the local culture but also fosters a sense of community. Venues such as The Bedford in Balham, where artists like Ed Sheeran started their careers, highlight the importance of supporting emerging talent​ (DesignMyNight)​.

Creates Marketing Opportunities

Live music events create additional marketing opportunities. Venues can promote upcoming performances through social media, email newsletters, and local listings, attracting attention from music fans and local residents, but also the booked artists help you to get more attention. They can link to your venue’s Social Media pages or website.

Encourages Longer Stays and Repeat Visits

The engaging nature of live music encourages patrons to stay longer and enjoy multiple sets or performances. This extended patronage can result in higher sales per customer. Furthermore, positive experiences with live music are likely to encourage repeat visits, turning occasional visitors into regulars​ (visitlondon.com)​​ (Secret LDN)​.

crowd dancing to live music at a pub

How gigmit Enhances Live Music Experiences

gigmit, an online platform that connects artists with event organisers with over 250,000 artists and venue users in 120 countries, plays a pivotal role in helping venues maximise the benefits of live music. By leveraging gigmit’s extensive database of artists, venue managers can identify and book the right talent that fits their audience’s preferences. This free service ensures that the performances are well-received and that the events draw the desired crowd.

gigmit artist page and fan insights

Here’s how gigmit helps:

Identifying the Right Bands and Artists

gigmit provides detailed artist profiles, including music samples and performance videos, helping venue managers find artists that align with their audience’s preferences. Booking artists with a local following can significantly increase event attendance.

Utilising Local Data Analytics for free

gigmit’s FAN INSIGHTS tool provides valuable data on an artist’s fanbase and streaming metrics across platforms like Spotify, Facebook, and Instagram. This tool helps venues make informed booking decisions based on an artist’s local popularity and potential to draw crowds. By analysing fan locations and trends, venues can predict and maximise footfall for events.

Case Study: FAN INSIGHTS by gigmit

gigmit’s free FAN INSIGHTS tool has revolutionised the booking process by offering accessible data on an artist’s fan engagement and streaming statistics. This feature allows venues to:

1. View an artist’s fanbase by location to target the right audience.

2. Assess trends to determine an artist’s growth and potential.

3. Save time by consolidating data from multiple platforms into one profile.

These insights enable more strategic event planning and marketing, ensuring higher footfall and successful performances.


Live music significantly boosts footfall in pubs, bars, and music venues by creating engaging experiences and drawing diverse crowds. Platforms like gigmit enhance these benefits by offering tools that help venues book the right artists in no time and understand audience dynamics through data analytics. By leveraging these resources on gigmit, venues can ensure their live music events are well-attended and profitable.

Register on gigmit for free: Create your promoter account, and receive applications from artists that match your venue’s music genre, on your terms.  Enhance your live music events and increase footfall.