Feb 27, 2020

Why the New gigmit FAN INSIGHTS Is A Real Game-Changer

Streaming is changing the music industry. Rapidly growing numbers of listeners generate an ever-increasing amount of data. Top that off with fan figures from social media, an unprecedented insight can be gained into the market value and the potential of a live act. Who is really hot right now? The new gigmit FAN INSIGHTS make current fan and streaming data of a live act visible at a glance – with local reference and trend display. A game-changing booking tool for clubs and festivals, local promoters, agencies, labels, A&Rs, management, tour bookers and artists themselves.co-funded by the European Union

“How many people do you draw?” is an annoying question often posed to creative people. But it’s important, and in times of club death, it becomes more and more important. Also, it makes the planned live experience better when there is any doubt. Let’s be honest: Who likes to ride the tour bus all day long to play in front of only 3 regular guests? Who likes to pay for it? And who likes to never be asked to return to a venue again? Exactly, the music business is creative, but it’s also business. Any information that avoids a performance flop is helpful. The new gigmit FAN INSIGHTS on the artist page now make this important information available and easily understandable.

The New gigmit FAN INSIGHTS: Who Is Trending Right Now?

A music professional’s job is to constantly and individually assess the potential of artists. If you want to discover a hot act, you have to be fast. The new gigmit FAN INSIGHTS meets these needs. Does the act fit into my booking, my roster, my region, my club? Or what do I have to invest in addition to have a successful evening with the live act of my dreams? What if there were automatically suitable answers to these questions?

Fan And Streaming Data for Smarter Booking Decisions

There are more digital ways for artists to promote their music, interact with fans and connect than ever before. With growing reach, relationships and success, they are becoming more and more popular on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Deezer, iTunes, Soundcloud, LastFM, Songkick, etc. Careers are developed and managed this way. These new distribution channels and the “streaming age” are fundamentally changing the music business.

Data points about fans and listeners are created everywhere. They already exist. And this data revolutionizes a decisive moment in booking. “What counts now is not so much who has the best sales pitch and is marketed well, but who people really want to hear,” says Marcus Fitzgerald, gigmit CEO. “That’s our contribution to the visibility and the booking of previously undiscovered live acts.”

Data Was Not Easily Accessible Until Now

So far there has been one problem: the data is fragmented and proprietary – i.e. only accessible from the act itself and only on the respective platform. Each band can see who the fans are on their Facebook account. Every artist sees their monthly listeners in their Spotify for Artists. The other side, those who want to book or sign artists, don’t have this detailed information. So they are dependent on third parties who have to communicate the information.

Time Killer Research

So the data is coveted, but not really accessible. Getting the information challenges all music professionals the same way: research work – a time killer with considerable risk. Why?

  • You have to visit different platforms because the interesting data points are fragmented on different platforms.
  • You have only incomplete insight because not all data points are proprietary – especially the interesting ones.
  • The data has no local references. But you want to estimate how many people will come to the gig in Paris, for example. You don’t care about the fans in India.
  • The visible data does not show a trend. How popular is a certain live act? What is the progression? Would the fans come to a show tomorrow? What is the trend? How is the potential to be evaluated?


The Workflow Without gigmit FAN INSIGHTS

A striking example: A CLUB writes a mail to the BOOKER of a BAND, asking if the BOOKER can send a screenshot of the BAND’s Spotify data so that the CLUB can better assess the BAND. The BOOKER is happy to do this for now. But it’s exhausting because the CLUB is not the only one, the CLUB needs other screenshots and the BAND’s data is constantly changing. So at some point, the BOOKER says to the CLUB, “Just believe me when I say everything will be fine.” The CLUB can do so or play it safe and book another superstar who is definitely filling the place. Hm…

Data-based Matchmaking

We want to support bookers, stages, A&Rs and labels in discovering new music in the confusing and crowded live market that suits them and that is hot right now or will be in the near future. Taken from concrete and reliable data, not from imagined perception. You can make creative decisions much better yourself. You don’t need any help from gigmit to do that. For the data project, however, gigmit has received support from the EU with funds from Music Moves Europe. The gigmit project “LASER” (= Live Artists Search Engine & Recommendations) had the task of collecting all artist and promoter relevant data to make transparent what moves the live music industry, what it needs and how to support European music.

New gigmit FAN INSIGHTS on the artist page of 2020 INES#talent PAVVLA
New gigmit FAN INSIGHTS on the artist page of 2020 INES#talent PAVVLA


FAN BASE & LOCATION Module: 1st Prototype Released

The result is now available as a first prototype on every free gigmit artist page. It’s the FAN BASE and the FAN LOCATION module. They make current fan and streaming data of the live act visible at a glance – with local reference and trend display. As the new gigmit FAN INSIGHTS, these modules could become a real game-changer in live music booking. To the point: It’s not so much who is the loudest, but who people really want to hear. This is transparent from now on. In the long run, this will bring more to everyone: artists, music professionals, fans and event organizers.

Data Basis To Prevent A Weak Gut Feeling

We want to make booking easy and the industry diverse. That’s why we help the key music professionals, and everyone else, to better assess which club capacity in city X best suits artist Y. Local data can bring a gut feeling to the level of a data-based decision.

Know The Market Value And Book At Eye Level

This is not only a free service for clubs and festivals, local promoters, agencies, labels and A&Rs but also for managers, tour bookers and the musicians themselves. A large part of the market value of a live act is made up of this fan and streaming data. Know the market value in order to be able to negotiate sensibly and at eye level! Know where the fans are in order to plan more effectively! A look at the FAN INSIGHTS on the gigmit artist page is the way from now on. The only requirement is of course that Spotify, Facebook and YouTube accounts are connected. #showmeyourdigitals

gigmit Growth Charts

With the data from the new gigmit FAN INSIGHTS we can also create charts of artists who are trending this month. Did someone just release a hit? Who is experiencing the strongest growth? Check out the top 25 live acts from our INES#talent 2020 pool in the INES#talent Growth Charts. Your Act is not on Spotify yet? We can help you out


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