Feb 27, 2020

gigmit FAN INSIGHTS: Your Fan & Streaming Data At A Glance

The new gigmit FAN INSIGHTS make current fan and streaming data visible at a glance – with location module and trend display. A game-changing booking tool for clubs and festivals, local promoters, agencies, labels, A&Rs, management, tour bookers and artists themselves!co-funded by the European Union

Fan & Streaming Data From Your Socials For More Informed Booking Decisions

Being able to tell promoters how many people they can bring to their venue or festival can be a hassle. However, it is crucial for clubs and venues to know how about artists’ fan and streaming data. It allows them to decide whether an artist has the potential to fill in the venue capacity.

Let’s be honest: who likes to ride a tour bus all day long to play in front of only 3 regular guests? Who likes to pay for it? And who likes to never be asked to return to a venue again? Exactly, the music business is creative, but it’s also business.

Any information that avoids a performance flop is helpful. At gigmit, we exist to simplify the world of live music & to maximise its success. This is why we have made fan and streaming data accessible to everyone.

The new gigmit FAN INSIGHTS are displayed on the gigmit Artist Page and show data from Spotify, Facebook and now Instagram!

Fan and streaming data from Spotify Facebook and Instagram on the gigmit Artist Page

FAN INSIGHTS: Who Is Trending And Where?

A music professional’s job is to constantly and individually assess the potential of artists. If you want to discover an act right before they blow up, you have to be quick.

The new gigmit FAN INSIGHTS meets these needs. Does the act fit into your booking, your roster, your region, your club? What do you have to invest to ensure a successful event with the live act of your dreams?

What if there were automatically suitable answers to these questions?

Fan and Streaming Data from Instagram, Spotify and Facebook

There are several digital solutions for artists to promote their music, interact with fans and connect. On top of that, many services enable artists to visualise their own streaming data. Each band can see their fans on their Facebook account, their monthly listeners on Spotify for Artists. On the other side, those who want to book or sign artists, don’t have this detailed information.

gigmit offers artists chance to share their fan and streaming data with promoters, festival organisers and venue owners, making it more transparent and easier to find the right act for the right show.

“What counts now is not so much who has the best sales pitch and is marketed well, but who people really want to hear” says Marcus Fitzgerald, gigmit CEO. “That’s our contribution to the visibility and the booking of previously undiscovered live acts.”

Lower Time Invest, Location Insights & Trends

Before gigmit, finding data on an artists was a considerable time investment. How did it work?

  • Fragmented data: promoters had to look on each individual platform for the data they were looking for.
  • Proprietary data: insights were incomplete and visible to the artists only, especially the interesting ones. 
  • Location insights: no service was providing information about the amount of fans or listeners in a given area.
  • Trends: insights did not display the trends related to artist growth.

Now, on top of saving time looking for scattered information, you are also able to assess if an act is a good fit in your region and if they are growing there!

Fan & Listeners Location Module

The FAN LOCATION module makes current fan and streaming data artists visible at a glance. On the gigmit Artist Page Fan and streaming data are organised by location. The module is accessible to anyone and is adjusted based on your location. Filters enable all users to look for artists’ data in any location. Have you tried it yet?

A Tool For Promoters, But Not Only…

The FAN INSIGHTS is not only a free service for clubs and festivals, local promoters, agencies, labels and A&Rs. They can be of great use for managers, tour bookers and the musicians themselves to find out where to play next. A large part of the market value of a live act is made up of fan and streaming data. It is essential that managers and artists know their market value in order to be able to negotiate sensibly and at eye level!

It is now possible to know where your fans are and hence to plan more effectively! The only requirement is that Spotify, Facebook and Instagram accounts are connected.

The EU Supports gigmit

We have received support from the EU with funds from Music Moves Europe to help us develop our project further. The gigmit project “LASER” (= Live Artists Search Engine & Recommendations) had for objective to collect artist data and make it transparent to the live music industry. The FAN INSIGHTS were launched in 2020 and were only displaying data from Spotify and Facebook. Now we added Instagram and we are looking into more platform!

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