Jan 02, 2024

Gigmit 2023: Achievements in Overview

2023, that’s it! Before closing that book, let’s look back one last time since there are so many significant achievements. Here’s a comprehensive recap of Gigmit’s milestones and highlights from the year:

Collaboration with TUFF Earth: The Road to Memphis Song Contest

Gigmit collaborated with the mental health charity TUFF Earth for the “The Road to Memphis” song contest. This initiative raises awareness about mental health and offers a supportive platform for artists to engage with. All participating artists in the contest have the opportunity to receive free mental health consultations.

Launch of the Automatic Applications Feature

Gigmit’s introduction of the Automatic Applications feature is a revolutionary step in digital solutions.  This feature allows artists to connect with gigs more efficiently and effectively than ever before! Reducing time and effort for artists securing performances.


Introducing the venue and event map at Amsterdam Dance Event 2023

The Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) in 2023 was a remarkable highlight for Gigmit. This festival became an extraordinary platform for various Gigmit artists, including KOMFORTRAUSCHEN, FELIX KRÖCHER, and ÄTNA.

Their performances showcased the diverse and rich talent within the Gigmit community. Gigmit also created an innovative Google Map to help attendees easily navigate this event, welcoming over 500,000 visitors. This map was a crucial tool for festival-goers to navigate the festival. For a detailed view of the events and to explore the map, visit the Google Map for ADE 2023

90 artists from gigmit played at Reeperbahn Festival 2023

The Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg played an array of Gigmit artists. This event brought together a diverse lineup, including the captivating Eva McBel, the emotive Dominik Hartz, and the genre-blending band CVC. Also featured were Dream Nails with their energetic punk style, the soulful and introspective Florence Besch, the experimental electronic masters Grandbrothers and Haviah Mighty known for her powerful hip-hop. Indie rock enthusiasts enjoyed the unique sounds of English Teacher, while Fiio offered a blend of electronic, pop, and indie influences. Each of these artists contributed to the rich tapestry of the festival, showcasing Gigmit’s wide spectrum of musical talent.

You can visit Gigmit’s blog about the Reeperbahn Festival 2023 for more details about the festival and the array of artists who performed!

Gigmit Artists at Eurovision 2023

The Eurovision Song Contest 2023 was a remarkable event that showcased a diverse set of musicians from gigmit including Luke Black, Voyager, Tvorchi, and Joker Out. Each of these acts brought their unique sound and style to the global stage, demonstrating the richness of talent within the Gigmit community. For more details about the artists and their performances at the Eurovision Song Contest 2023, read more on Gigmit’s blog here

Gigmit’s Role in Major Music Festivals

Throughout the year, Gigmit facilitated artist participation in various music festivals across Europe, such as the EXIT Festival, Reworks Festival, Sea Dance Festival, and SoAlive Music Conference & Showcase. These festivals covered a wide range of genres and offered Gigmit artists opportunities to perform at high-profile events, further emphasizing the platform’s influence in the music industry.

Warsteiner Bandcontest Winners: Friends Don’t Lie

The Warsteiner Bandcontest that is held at Rock am Ring and Rock im Park was a significant milestone for the band “Friends Don’t Lie”. The winners showcased their talent as well as highlighting the opportunities Gigmit provides for emerging artists. The band expressed their journey from being a festival-goer themselves to performing on stage. An overall career boost that the contest provides! 

The contest is now open for 2024, inviting more artists to seize this opportunity to shine. Click here for more details about about the Warsteiner Bandcontest.

Fritz Session Winner: Ottolien

The band Ottolien’s triumph in the Fritz Session “Mund auf Für Toleranz” is a great example of the power of music. This campaign by Fritz-Kola stands for breaking down barriers and promoting a more inclusive society. Ottolien perfectly embodied the spirit of this initiative through their music. Resonating with the values of tolerance and social awareness in promoting mental health.


CWXP Project Launch

Gigmit launched a project called CWXP – designed to revolutionize the way creators interact with Web3, AI, the Metaverse, and NFTs. This project (which you can read more about in our blog here), represents cutting-edge technology by offering artists new avenues for expression and monetization.

CWXP empowers creators by using advanced digital tools, opening up a world of possibilities in how art is created, distributed, and experienced. 




2023 has been a year filled with breakthroughs, creativity and transformative experiences. As we wrap up this incredible year, remember, it’s not just about the gigs; it’s about being part of a community that’s writing the future of music. Join the movement where music, technology, and passion converge. Let’s make 2024 even more epic! 🌟🎶🚀


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