Jan 11, 2024

61 Must-See gigmit Artists at ESNS 2024

ESNS Festival is back where the vibrant city of Groningen is set to come alive once again this 2024! As one of Europe’s premier showcases for emerging talent, ESNS promises an exhilarating experience for music enthusiasts that brings together a diverse lineup.

Take a look at which gigmit artists will be performing and representing the dynamism and creativity of the contemporary music scene from January 17-21st, 2024.

ESNS Festival 2024 will transform Groningen into a haven for music lovers from January 17th to 21st. From intimate clubs to grand concert halls, each space will pulsate with the beats and rhythms of the carefully curated lineup. All in all, an immersive and unforgettable atmosphere!

The lineup

ESNS Festival has created a lineup that spans genres, continents and musical landscapes. From indie rock to electronic beats, and everything in between! The festival showcases the best of both established and emerging artists.

gigmit are proud to announce that 61 gigmit artists will be showing off their talent at ESNS 2024! Here’s a sneak peek at some of the gigmit acts that will grace the stages:

WhoTheFisLou (Netherlands):

  • WhoTheFisLou
    Representing the Netherlands, WhoTheFisLou brings a fresh and eclectic sound to ESNS. With influences ranging from indie-pop to the electronic scenes.
    Performance time: tba.


Amistat (Germany):

  • Amistat
    From Germany, Amistat has a soulful and introspective touch. This duo is set to captivate audiences with their emotionally charged performance.
    Performance Time: Wednesday to Thursday night 18 JAN – Stadsschouwburg – 00:50-01:30


Klawo (Poland):

  • Klawo
    From Poland, Klawo brings a fresh perspective to the electronic music scene with their innovative approach to sound design.

    Performance Time: Fri 19 JAN – Simplon Main – 22:50-23:30


Kuna Maze (Belgium):

  • Kuna Maze
    Belgium’s Kuna Maze is a sonic explorer, diving into the realms of experimental electronic music. With intricate beats and atmospheric textures, Kuna Maze’s music invites listeners into a hypnotic world of sound.
    Performance Time: Friday to Saturday night 19 JAN – Simplon Upstairs – 23:30-00:10


And here are just a small handful!



Listen to all 61 gigmit acts in our Spotify playlist! 

Dive into the beats of ESNS 2024 with our playlist featuring all 60+ Gigmit acts! 🎶 Get a taste of the awesome lineup before the big event and discover the fresh sounds that will be rocking the stage. From indie vibes to electronic beats, this playlist is your sneak peek into the incredible talent lined up for ESNS 2024. Hit play and join the musical journey – the future of music is here!

Spot the best acts at ESNS 2024: Our gigmit Map

Will you attend ESNS 2024? Exciting news! We created a map (ESNS gigmit map) of the venues and time slots where gigmit artists will be playing. We wanted to help you navigate your way around and make your weekend run a little more smoothly 🙂

Click here to check out our personally designed google map.

On top of that, ESNS Festival is not just here for the music; it’s a celebration of creativity, diversity, and the unifying power of music. We can’t wait to bsee such great talent on the stages. Especially seeing our gigmit artists take their careers to the next level!

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