Dec 01, 2023

How gigmit is making an agents life easier

We often hear that digital innovation is replacing the work of an agent. Let us clear those rumours up now!

Thousands of agents are using our service to make booking easier. We help to create great looking EKPs combined with festivals and clubs all over the world in every music genre, that are suited to your artists. At gigmit, we see ourselves as the digital assistant. The little helper every agent always wanted. 

So get ready, we’re about to make your life a whole lot better.

1 The gigmit artist page – Your self generating EPK

We spoke to hundreds of festival and club bookers about the challenges they face and how they could progress forward by making the most successful yet efficient booking decision. And e voila: The gigmit artist page is your answer. 

But not just that. Gigmit will generate the artist pages / EPKs of your artists by connecting Youtube, Spotify, Facebook and Instagram. Taking you only a few minutes to create each page, it is practically magic.

Do you want a challenge? We did it in under 1 Minute.

Create YOUR first artist profile HERE

2. Gigmit matches your artists with the right venues and festivals

Everybody can create an EPK but not all of us can use the data on EPK to instantly connect artists to festivals and clubs.

Do you really know everyone? Is being an agent about that?

Gigmit connects your artist roster with festivals and clubs that hold existing fans and other similar artists that play… no matter the city or country. The final decision is of course, up to you. By using gigmit as a guide to scout new opportunities that fit to your artists.

READ MORE on how to get your EPK looking radiant

3 One login – unlimited artist profiles

By logging in with your company email address, you can begin to create artist profiles. Depending on the relationship with the artist, an invitation to co-manage artist profiles together can be a valuable proposal. Through this collaborative approach, the artists can directly support you.

Our calendar feature is also a great way to sift and sort through appropriate dates.. within minutes!

CLICK HERE to learn more about our concert calendar

4 Let gigmit support you to send automatic applications

As an agent, you probably use a lot of tools already and we do not want to make your life anymore complicated. So don’t worry, gigmit is here to save your valuable time.

With our brand new automatic applications  (PRO feature), we can filter artists according to their criteria with access to all open gigs. Just like magic. All you need to do is decide if you accept the booking requests. 



5 Open calls for support slots and use data to measure

Another great feature we have is “call for artists” that opens even more doors to connect with other like-minded artists. By supporting shows, a new audience can emerge from local acts with fans of similar music taste. Here at gigmit, we want live music to continue it’s growth and to be discovered, shared and enjoyed by everyone.

With our innovating technology, gigmit is designed to help booking agents. Not all artists have the time to find new shows, and some artists are simply not made for management roles. So don’t worry, your job is not in danger!

Instead, sit back and let gigmit make booking easier for you.


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