Sep 05, 2022

How to Create a Professional EPK

Do you want to get more gigs and shows? Then you need a professional electronic press kit. Learn how to make an amazing EPK here.

What is an EPK and Why Does it Matter?

An EPK, or electronic press kit, is a digital version of a promotional package that appears on your Artist Profile. In order to have any chance of getting booked for the gigs you’ll find, you need to have a professional EPK that sums up your career to date. You need a professional EPK to apply for gigs and be considered as a credible act. So we recommend you to take the time to complete this!

What Does a Good EPK include?

An effective artist EPK should include everything the press needs: official bio, promotional photos, discography, videos and statistics from your social channels. A professional EPK must be a  seamless way for promoters to easily access all of the assets they might need to book you or highlight your new music. A good EPK must tell your story and showcase your musical career. So, what do you need to make the most out of it?

Your Musician Bio

First things first, you need to write a good artist bio. It should introduce you to a promoter or venue. Try to keep it short, but still include all relevant information: how long have you been producing music, what is your genre and your best music achievements.

Toby Corton EPK bio

Promotional Photos

Promotional downloadable photos are essential for promoters. They need to look professional and represent your music style. If you’re preparing for a photoshoot, consider the kinds of photos, and the sizing you’ll need for your artist EPK. Add horizontal and vertical photos. Use different photos in your press kit, as promoters may need something quickly.

Tribe Mafia promotional photo


Media is a must-have for your gigmit EPK. As music shows your musical identity, select your most popular tracks that will appear on your artist profile. You can include up to 5 songs, videos or albums via Spotify, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Youtube, or Vimeo. If you connect your Spotify account, 5 of your top songs will be loaded automatically on the right of your artist page. You’re not on Spotify yet? Just let us help you here.

Music EPK


Videos on your gigmit EPK makes your profile more appealing and engaging. Promoters and venues sometimes use videos on their websites to promote artists they’ve booked. 

Choose a few of your best videos in your digital press kit to make it easy for promoters to find high-quality videos. Another crucial thing is to include videos of your live performances! As a result, promoters will be able to see you in action, and see that you’re a performer capable of managing a live setting scenario. 

Videos EPK

 Social media links

Make sure to include your social links as an element on your EPK. Your artist profile is a hub for everything about your music, but it can also help your fans and promoters to easily reach out to you.

Fan Insights

With our gigmit tool, you can go deeper and show statistics from your social media channels. It shows your level of awareness and how big your fanbase is. Who are the people following you, listening to your music or watching your videos? Furthermore, how experienced are you? The bigger the numbers, the more attractive you are for deals and gigs. You can add streaming data from your Spotify, Facebook and Instagram accounts. Learn about Fan Insights here.

Contact information

As a final element of your professional electronic press kit- you should include contact information. Make sure promoters and bookers will be able to easily contact you. Leave your email address or the email address of your manager. 

In conclusion, the design and functionality of your EPK has been developed for you in collaboration with the gigmit community and the specific needs of the industryg, it has been developed with 100s of bookers from festivals and venues.Your EPK is the state of the art that can be used anytime for free by simply sharing the link with others. A complete and up-to-date artist page is in your best interest. It is your digital business card which promotes you even when you’re asleep and saves you a lot of extra effort. Make sure your press kit is upgraded regularly as your career moves forward, and it will pay off for your career.

Once your EPK is nailed, it’s time to start applying for gigs!
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