Dec 31, 2020

gigmit FAQ: How to Cancel gigmit PRO Subscription


If you read this, you might consider leaving gigmit or our paid gigmit PRO plan. First of all, we want to thank you for your trust and that you’ve used PRO. We would love to see you still applying with your live music booking optimised artist profile for as many gig offers as possible as a free user on the platform after your contractual period has ended. There will be even more gig opportunities available to you than before your gigmit PRO time.

If you use gigmit as a free user it is completely free. By the way: gigmit doesn’t charge you on a booking or accepting any type of offer. The fee you will be paid has no shares with gigmit. There are some things you need to know…

Account, Profile & Subscription

This FAQ article is about how to cancel your gigmit PRO subscription, how to use gigmit for free and what you definitely should never do. It is very important for you to know the difference between account, profile and subscription. On gigmit you create an account (this refers to you personally), one or several profiles (this refers to your artist / promoter profiles) and you create one or several PRO subscriptions.

Some Important Tips 

  • !!! Please be very careful what you cancel and what you might want to keep !!!
  • !!! Please be aware that deleting your user and our profile does not cancel your subscription !!!
  • !!! Please note that stopping or deleting your PayPal, other payment details etc. does not cancel your subscription too !!!

Some Contractual Notes

gigmit is an annual subscription with monthly instalments. We believe this is musician-friendly. Booking is not fast. We believe you need to use the product at least one year to see all positive effects. If you got a free trial offer, you can cancel within 30 days after booking your subscription. If you pay 19€ + VAT per month, you can always cancel within 14 days notice till the end of your contractual period which is shown in the settings. 

This Is How To Cancel gigmit PRO Subscription 

  1. Please login to gigmit:
  2. Select the artist profile that you want to cancel (if you only have one profile, skip this)
  3. Go to your Profile Settings:
  4. Go to “Manage subscription” and click there on “Cancel subscription” 
  5. Follow the questions to guide you through all steps
  6. Once this is complete, it will be automatically shown how long your subscription is still valid and when does it end.

This is it! All features remain till the end of your subscription. Till that day you can undo this action by clicking “Revoke cancellation” in your subscription settings:

We hope this introduction helps you and we wish you all the best on gigmit. If you need any help to cancel your subscription please write to We take every request seriously and will be back to you as soon as possible.

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