Jul 15, 2019

Digital Distribution Included

Streaming is the first step in getting booked. That’s why now at gigmit digital distribution is included.

Release UNLIMITED music.
Keep 100% of your royalties.
FREE for a whole year with gigmit PRO

As part of the gigmit community, you can now get 20% off your first year of releasing unlimited music to all of the biggest platforms with Ditto Music, including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Deezer and more. You can keep all of your royalties and even get one year for free with gigmit PRO. Made possible by our new brand partner from Liverpool: Ditto Music.

Your Music On Spotify & Co

Booking is getting better with digital distribution included. But how do you make your music available online? Just create a free Ditto Music account, choose an Artist Subscription Plan and use the code GIGMIT20 at the checkout to get your discount in digital distribution. As a gigmit PRO user, you will receive your personal code for your free releases by mail. Create an account now!

Ditto’s unlimited distribution service allows you to release all of your music onto the world’s biggest platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music and iTunes, while keeping 100 % of the royalties you earn from sales.

Like A Major Label Artist

Ditto also gives independent musicians access to the same tools as major label artists, including pre-order, chart registration and more. Through their sales tracking interface, you can discover more about your music and receive fast, direct royalty payments. On top of this, you can submit your music via Ditto to be considered for major playlists. This greatly increases your chances of being discovered on the biggest streaming platforms.

By musicians, for Musicians

Ditto Music is an award-winning global music distribution and record label services company, supporting over 150,000 artists and labels worldwide, with 22 offices across 19 countries, and over 100 on-hand staff to help support and promote your music globally. At Ditto, there are also superstars like Paul McCartney, Finch or Ed Sheeran. Founded by musicians, for musicians, Ditto is passionate about artists’ rights and making the music industry fairer for independent musicians.

gigmit CEO Marcus Fitzgerald On the Cooperation With Ditto

Portrait Marcus Fitzgerald, gigmit CEO and Founder
Open the live music business for independent artists: Marcus Fitzgerald, gigmit CEO and founder

Streaming is the first step in getting booked. That’s why gigmit cooperates with Ditto Music in digital distribution. Ditto is the perfect partner because musicians founded it for musicians. Their goal is to make the music industry fairer for independent artists. gigmit wants to give the industry a digital update too. We open the booking business, which was previously reserved for a few, to everyone. And we get it to the next level. That’s why both brands fit together so well.

Online Presence!

Music streaming has become as relevant in the industry as television has become for football. If you can’t be found on Spotify & Co as an artist, you’re practically not taking part. This access was previously reserved for labels. Now there are numerous providers that also allow independent individual artists to distribute their music online and bring it to the major platforms. However, the use of this service usually costs annual fixed amounts and/or percentage fees.

Digital Distribution Included: Booking And Streaming In One Package

Now the gigmit community gets a discount on digital distribution. That’s great! Today, musicians earn their money live, but being visible on streaming portals is the first step in getting booked. Both areas are existential. A combination of digital distribution and booking was therefore overdue.

As a gigmit PRO user, you get digital distribution for unlimited releases at Ditto Music for free for one year.
After that, the Ditto service costs 19 € per year.
100% of the royalties stay with you.

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