Jun 02, 2022

The gigmit Concert Calendar: Show Your Availabilities


Introducing the Concert Calendar: enabling artists to share their dates with promoters. Save time! We simplify communication between artists and promoters…

A Calendar to simplify your bookings

Sometimes finding an agreement on the day and time a gig should take place can be a real struggle. Luckily, gigmit came up with a great solution for you!  We launched the Concert Calendar to facilitate the booking process for artists and promoters.

concert calendar

The new Concert Calendar is life-changing as your availability is shown publicly via your artist page. Every artist receives a link that they can send out to promoters to share their availabilities.

Promoters do not need to contact artists every time they want to check if an artist is free on specific dates.

We simplify the booking process to help promoters and artist save time and avoid irrelevant questions.

Artists can also grant access to their calendar to all band members and coordinate their schedules.


How to share your next dates with promoters?

The Concert Calendar is  accessible via the gigmit Artist Pages.concert calendar

 Artists can add gigs and edit them with a few clicks. 

Every artist gig calendar has its own page, which available to anyone and can be shared with promoters independently.

The future and past shows added in the Gig History of your Artist page will be automatically added to the calendar.

As an artist, you are able to show detailed information about your plans: the dates you are booked, available, busy or waiting for a gig to be approved. It is also mobile optimized, so you can edit your gigs from anywhere!

Do you want to keep your calendar private? No problem, you can hide it from your gigmit Artist Page and publish it only when you’d like promoters to check your future dates.


How to use the new Concert Calendar?

  • Log in to your gigmit account.
  • Go to “Edit Artist Page”.
  • Scroll down to the “Your Calendar” Section.
  • Click on the “Calendar” icon to open your Calendar Page, where you can add your available and blocked dates.

concert calendar

Maximise your success and learn more about our concert calendar below! 


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