Dec 12, 2023

The gigmit Call: Finding Artists Becomes Easier


The gigmit call has been developed to simplify the booking process for both event organisers and artists. Find acts for any type of event or opportunity: festivals, concerts, gig exchanges, influencer campaigns, playlists, you name it! Let’s dive in this world of opportunities…

What is a Call?

What we name a CALL at gigmit, is an opportunity for which Artists can submit an applications. We make it easier for promoters, festivals, talent buyers and artists to find artists for upcoming events. As an Artist, you can find the list of calls in the Gigs & Calls of your dashboard.


Find Artists with the gigmit Call

The gigmit CALL was created from the need of simplifying the booking process. We developed this feature together with event organisers, to ensure a seamless application reviewing process. In fact, you can now tailor your call to your needs.

Only a few details are mandatory: define the Artist type (Live Act and/or DJ), Music Genre, Location, Type of Opportunity and give your call a name.

New call Artist type

Opportunity types range from “Concert” or “Festival” to “Radio Airplay“, “Streaming“, “A&R Scouting“, “Party“, “Support Slot”, “Sync”, “Private Event”, “Contest”, “Corporate Event”, “Song Competition”, “Playlist” or “Podcast”.

There is also the option of selecting “Other” as the opportunity type. And this is where things get interesting… Indeed, you can create a call for any type of opportunity you are curating. Be creative! Artists are always looking for new ways to present their music. 

Fun Fact: Did you know that many partners of ours have opened Influencer Calls in the past? If you are looking for talented acts with a high reach for an influencer campaign, the gigmit call is the way to go!


Endless Possibilities for Artists

The gigmit call also presents endless possibilities for Artists. In fact, Artists can open calls to look for local support acts, for collaborations, gig exchanges, remixes and more! Simply click on Create a Call at the top of your dashboard and set up your call in your own conditions.

gigmit CEO, Marcus Fitzgerald, recorded a quick video to show you around.


Improved Application Management

How do you usually shortlist applications? A spreadsheet? A Typeform? Forget about it! The gigmit call has been developed to display all the info you need in one place. gigmit has made it possible for you to use one tool only, from receiving artist applications to booking the acts for your events. 

How it works?

Once you opened your call, artists will submit their applications. You can review their applications directly on gigmit: listen to their music, see their fan and streaming data, watch their videos, access their riders, see their availabilities in their concert calendar and more. On top of that, you will be able to ‘shortlist’ artists that you believe have potential, and refine your bookings further. Finally, you will be able to send them messages and booking requests via gigmit directly. And don’t worry! You will get notified when new messages come in directly to your personal email (the one connected to your gigmit profile).

Sign up as a Promoter or as an Artist, and open a call.