Jun 17, 2021

NEW GIGMIT CALL FEATURE: Adapted to Suit Your Needs


We are very proud to launch a new feature: gigmit CALL! In addition to the gig, a CALL is a new opportunity format that both promoters and artists can use to book suitable live acts or DJs – not only for concerts.

Creating “Gigs” Gets Easier

The gigmit CALL feature was created from the need of simplifying the gig creation process. Previous research showed that some promoters didn’t have the need for a thorough process with mandatory fields and attributes. Sometimes a promoter’s needs are not applicable to the usual gig format. That’s why gigmit CALL is now available to use.

New call Artist type

CALLs are more open and less complex. You only need to input the following (extra fields are available but not mandatory):


  • artist type (live act and/or DJ)
  • desired genre
  • area restrictions
  • opportunity type
  • title

Opportunity types are now broader ranging from “Concert” or “Festival” to “Radio Airplay“, “Streaming“, “A&R Scouting“, “Party“, “Support Slot”, “Sync”, “Private Event”, “Contest”, “Corporate Event”, “Song Competition”, “Playlist” or “Podcast”. There is also the option of selecting “Other” as the opportunity type. And this is where things get interesting…

Endless Possibilities – Also for Artists

Since artists are now allowed to create opportunities, possibilities are endless… Create a party or meetup? Find a musician? Set up a listening session to connect with local artists? Set up tours with support acts from another region? 

new call music genres



Artists now have another way to connect with our large pool of independent gigmit acts and booking the right acts just became a whole lot easier. 

Improved Application Management

We have also improved the application management process. Spend less time going through your applications and making your booking decision.

Try right now and start a CALL!

gigmit CALL for All!

As usual, the artist community will find your posted CALL here in the gigmit GIG SEARCH, which is also open to the public. Live acts and DJs must be logged in to apply. If an artist does not yet have a profile on gigmit, they can also see the CALL. They can simply register via the “Register & Apply” button and apply to the event, support, or scouting opportunity.

This way you can also share your CALL in other networks for musicians* and find and book suitable live acts and DJs in no time.





Create your gigmit CALL HERE!