Oct 24, 2019

What Makes Your gigmit Artist Page Perfect?

Nobody knows better about your live project than you do. What convinces promoters and A&Rs? Often they have to fight their way through many applications and profiles. In order to be shortlisted, it is important to consider some details when designing your artist page, taking the other side’s perspective for a moment. Basically (before it comes to art): Who makes it easy and clear for others, also makes it easier to get booked.

Here are a few tips on how to convince people in just a few seconds.

Bilingual Profile

gigmit is an international booking infrastructure. In case you’re not from a region where English is the chosen language make sure foreigners can understand the information about you and your project. The information should also be available in English. This is the first step to make your gigmit artist page perfect in its appearance. You can simply write a mother tongue version an English one in the “Press text” section.
Short, understandable and with recognition value: 300 characters per language are enough. What is your unique selling point (USP)? What is the artist identity? Concept: open the drawer and something special is inside. How does someone who comes from your gig tell their friends what they have just experienced? You should also make meaningful, concise press comments. Detailed information and the biography belong in a separate press release, which you should also provide under “Downloads/Press material”.

Include Media

Media is the must-have if you want to get your gigmit artist page perfect. No media, no booking. Under “Media/Songs” and “Videos” you can include up to 5 songs, videos or albums e.g. via Soundcloud, Vimeo, Youtube or Bandcamp. If you connect your Spotify account, 5 of your top songs will be loaded automatically. You’re not on Spotify & Co yet? Just let us help you here.

Insider tip: Since A&Rs and organizers can listen to all artists in the applicant overview via one player, it is advantageous for you not only to have videos included! For technical reasons, only Soundcloud files will be played via this player. So please include at least your top track as a Soundcloud link.

Fan Radar

Your Fan Radar is the numbers on your profile picture. In the edit view, the yellow bar in your statistics. It shows your level of awareness and how big your fanbase is. Who are the people following you, listening to your music or watching your videos? How experienced are you? The bigger the numbers the more attractive you are for deals and gigs. The numbers come from your social media data which you can easily link to your artist page: Just add the URL and connect e.g. your Facebook, Spotify, Youtube, Soundcloud accounts, etc.. This saves the prospective customer a lot of research time.

Insider information: To have all your booking-relevant data at a glance is a service that is highly praised by the industry and has great potential to make your booking even easier. When it comes to data research, the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union supports gigmit. Learn more…

Image And Genres

Right, it’s about music. But the eye is the first listener. The first thing that is able to make your gigmit artist page perfect is the profile picture. It’s always the first impression. It should be good, exciting and professional. You can find out what makes a good band photo here. Make further press photos available in high resolution under “Downloads/Press files”. Organizers and journalists can help themselves here easily if they need pictures for the joint event or a report.
To make it clear immediately what kind of music you make, you should definitely specify genres. Even if you are against pigeonholing: keep it simple! Understandable genres help enormously with the first contact. “Acid-Death-Jazz” and “Nova-Techno-Ambient-Soul” certainly sound exciting – but what would your mother say? Clicking “next” is sometimes easier than getting involved in deep creativity. You should be aware of this „real-world perspective“ of a booker. The more genres you specify, the more suitable gigs there’ll be for you.

Gig History And Contact Area

These areas help A&Rs and promoters to understand you and your position. The contact sections to management, booking and publishing indicate the professionalism of your surrounding or say: “I don’t have an agency yet, make me a good offer.” Keep your gig history updated and enter upcoming and past gigs! This is about namedropping clubs and festivals. The business pro can recognize your rough diamond status or an organic artistic profile and with that, assess whether you fit their event. You can highlight awesome gigs: These should be gigs that indicate a high-quality booking.

Pro tip: You control your availability for booking requests via the calendar, which you don’t get via the Artist Page, but via “Booking / My Calendar”. Here you can see clearly where applications are still running or where you still have free dates. On the other hand, the calendar automatically regulates which booking requests make sense for you. If your calendar is well maintained you won’t get any offers if your drummer is on summer vacation, you have a wedding day or are going to be on another stage somewhere. Bookings via gigmit are automatically entered and transferred to the gig history.

Now Use Your Knowledge And Make Your gigmit Artist Page Perfect

Design and functionality of your smart artist page have been developed for you in collaboration with the gigmit community and the specific needs of the industry. A complete and up-to-date artist page is in your goal. It is your digital business card, presents you even when you’re asleep and saves you a lot of extra effort. Use it! To edit your artist page, log in to gigmit.com, and click on the third tile on your dashboard on the right “Edit EPK” and then on top “edit”.
If you still have questions, criticism and suggestions for the further development of your artist page, feel free to contact us.

With your optimized gigmit artist page your chances regarding your next booking rise enormously.
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