Sep 08, 2020

Charts, the Way Promoters Need Them


No individual is able to know anymore which live act is currently hip. Due to the precarious pandemic situation, the question for promoters is more than ever: Which acts suit my club or festival? Who are they? And most importantly: is there anyone else in my city who wants to listen to their music?


We have launched another important innovation: the gigmit FAN CHARTS. Event organisers can now use personalised filters to find out which live acts and DJs of the desired genre are the most popular in their city – based on their current fan and streaming data. 

The gigmit FAN CHARTS are based on the gigmit FAN INSIGHTS, which were introduced in March 2020. These make the current fan growth visible at a glance on the artist profiles. The new charts now bundle this information into clear recommendation rankings that can be adjusted by genre and location.

What Can the New Charts Do

Promoters who are registered as such on gigmit first see the charts with the key data of their current location. It is now possible to filter by desired city and genre. For example, who are the most popular up-and-coming punk bands in Stuttgart at the moment? Who are the most popular singer/songwriter newcomers in London? The charts are sorted according to the amount of Facebook fans and monthly Spotify listeners the chosen city. Promoters can listen to music and access the corresponding gigmit artist pages of DJs and live acts with a few clicks.

Note: The gigmit FAN CHARTS are currently only optimised for desktop applications. Only artists who have linked their Facebook and/or Spotify account to their artist page will appear in the FAN CHARTS. Connect your accounts here.

Verantwortlich für die Produktentwicklung der gigmit FAN CHARTS: Michael Zirnstein
Achieve a breakthrough – Michael Zirnstein, gigmit Product Manager

“New And Super Important!”

“We want to help aspiring artists to achieve a breakthrough”, says gigmit product manager Michael Zirnstein, who is responsible for the development of the charts. “The gigmit FAN CHARTS promote the discovery of truly up-and-coming, international and independent artists who would otherwise remain further under the radar. At the same time, they give promoters a transparent overview of which act is trending in their city and has an audience. This is new and it’s super important!”

Example: A Berlin club for electronic dance music creates its own gig with FAN CHARTS. They select the desired genre and the location of the club, “Berlin”. The gigmit FAN CHARTS will then appear and show the top acts from all over Europe with the biggest audience potential in Berlin. That way the club can make both a creative and economic decision and directly estimate how much advertising is needed for a successful concert and on which channel.

Who Is Popular IN Your City?

While the monthly gigmit GROWTH CHARTS previously listed the acts from Germany or the UK with the biggest monthly listener growth worldwide, the gigmit FAN CHARTS individually display bookable acts that are currently popular in a certain city, based on the number of fans and listeners they have in that very city. The charts are updated weekly.

Charts As A Booking Argument

One thing is clear: the gigmit FAN CHARTS are the reward for aspiring DJs and live acts for building and maintaining an active fan base. This can now prove to be a real accelerator in terms of booking requests. What do you have to do as an artist to use the tool for yourself? It is simple: connect your Facebook and Spotify profiles here to your artist page and make sure that people out there are listening to your music.

fan charts spotify connect banner

Our tip: The new charts are also helpful for choosing local support. You want to build up a fanbase in a foreign city? Play together with musicians who are already known there. You will find them in the gigmit FAN CHARTS.

Artists now have access to the FAN CHARTS

The gigmit FAN CHARTS are now also available to artists. As an artist, you can discover other artists from your area and see who is trending. Connect your socials and appear in the FAN CHARTS.

The Future of Booking: Sold out Shows using Data

How does music streaming influence the live music industry? Data from all concert-goers and/or music lovers are now available. How to access this data in the whole industry? Marcus Fitzgerald, CEO of gigmit, explains how to access, gather and display streaming and fan data and gives a guidance on how active and how big an artist is in any region. Watch the video below and find out how this looks like!

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