Feb 19, 2024

Get a Free Pass to Prolight + Sound 2024 with gigmit

Hey awesome creators! We’ve got fantastic news for you – if you’re using gigmit, you score a free ticket to Prolight + Sound 2024, the ultimate gathering for event and entertainment tech. Mark your calendars for March 19 to 22, 2024, and pack your bags for Frankfurt, Germany – it’s gonna be epic!

Why Should You Go? 🎤

Prolight + Sound is where the future of events is born! Join for a tech-filled adventure. Hang out with big shots, make new pals, and soak up ideas that’ll boost your music journey. So what’s Cookin’ at Prolight + Sound? 🔥

Sound that Wows

Learn the ropes at the ProAudio College – current trends in the sound reinforcement scene, innovations around studio productions and exclusive training modules will be discussed. On top of that, you’ll be able to attend product presentations, live showcases & workshops with experts from well-known brands (incl. live remixing and looping, controllerism and the latest software and apps) in the Performance + Production Hub – it’s where digital sound dreams come to life! This hub is the ultimate playground for music makers. From mixers to synthesizers, get ready to explore the hottest tech and techniques that’ll take your music to the next level.

Prolight and sound: brands attending
Prolight and Sound 2024: Brands Attending

Prolight and Sound has also put together a ‘Live Sound Arena’ for you to witness jaw-dropping live presentations with powerful PA systems under real conditions.

Live Sound Arena at Prolight and Sound
Live Sound Arena at Prolight and Sound

Mix it Up

Dive into the world of sound, studios, and top-notch gear that’ll make your music stand out. Connect with industry bigwigs through the Hosted Buyer Programme, and party at the PLS Community Nights – three nights of mingling and making memories.

Hold onto your hats because Prolight + Sound 2024 is bringing together an epic lineup of industry heavyweights!  Picture this – Adam Hall, Adamson, Chauvet, L-Acoustics, MA Lighting, RCF, and a ton more are joining the party. It’s like a who’s who of the coolest names in the business, all coming together to make this event absolutely mind-blowing.

On top of that, all participants of the fair will be invited to major networking events, which will take place in exclusive Frankfurt locations!

Prolight+Sound 2023
Prolight+Sound 2023

Light up the Stage

Discover the coolest trends in lighting, from LED wonders to mind-blowing AI effects. It’s all about creating magic with lights that are kind to the planet.

Prolight+Sound 2023
Prolight+Sound 2023

Stage Superpowers

Get the lowdown on the latest in stage tech, like AR and VR. Imagine your performance taking on a whole new level of awesome!

Prolight+Sound 2023
Prolight+Sound 2023

Find your path in the industry Future Hub

This year, Prolight and Sound has put the focus on promoting young talent. So if you are just getting started with music, this one’s for you!  Educational institutions with event study courses, companies with vacant positions and start-ups will present themselves in the Future Hub. In addition, the Future Talents Day 2024 on Friday, 22 March, invites young professionals to learn more about career opportunities in the event industry and to network. 

Panel at Prolight+Sound 2023
Panel at Prolight+Sound 2023

More Than Music! 🌿

Prolight + Sound is not just about beats; it’s about making the world a better place. For the 2024 edition, the programme will place even greater emphasis on energy efficiency and sustainability through the Green Sessions, organised by the EVVC (European Association of Event Centres).

Prolight+Sound 2023
Prolight+Sound 2023

Get Your Free Pass! 🎫

Guess what? All the talks, workshops, and parties are free for gigmit users! Snag your spot here and make Prolight + Sound 2024 the highlight of your musical journey!

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Save the Date: Prolight + Sound 2024

Date: March 19–22, 2024

Location: Frankfurt, Germany


Get ready for the music tech bash of the year! 🎶✨