Jan 29, 2024

Swipe Right on Merch: Why Creator Studio is a Game-Changer!

The world of music merch has long been a wild ride, with overstock headaches, lackluster prints, and a perpetual commitment dilemma. Enter Creator Studio – not just a merchandising company, but a force reshaping the industry. And guess what? Artists like Benson Boone, Loreen, and Dada Life are already part of the movement. 


True Blanks: Where Style Meets Swagger

Ever dreamt of merch that’s as unique as your sound? Creator Studio brings a breath of fresh air with its commitment to True Blanks.

These high-quality blanks are meticulously crafted in-house by their fashion designers, combining a contemporary aesthetic with a commitment to sustainability. Utilizing 100% organic cotton and recycled polyester, True Blanks not only redefine fit, style, and quality but also prioritize eco-friendly materials,  making sure your merch stands out as much as your music.

Responsible Production: POD Excellence

Say goodbye to the overstock nightmare with Creator Studio’s Print-On-Demand (POD) services. Design, order, and print exactly what you need, when you need it. Powered by cutting-edge Kornit digital printing machines, your merch gets the vibrant and detailed treatment it deserves. Flexibility meets top-notch quality, giving you the power to create without compromise.

As an artist, you can also connect your Ecommerce merch store with the platforms to sell merch without overstock. Creator Studio’s POD services are the antidote to excess inventory stress. Need a special drop for a tour or album release? It’s a breeze.

Have big orders or custom requests? Contact our friends from Creator Studio at info@creatorstudio.com and bring your vision to life.

Bulk Services: Your Vision, Your Way

For the grand moments – the tours, the special events – Creator Studio offers bulk options. Say goodbye to touring with boxes of merch. You can order directly on the platform with 10-35% discounts on orders above 10 pieces and have the garments delivered straight to your venues. They’ll already be pre-stocked when you arrive! 

The full discount breakdown is below:

  • 10-19 pcs: 10% off
  • 20-39 pcs: 15% off
  • 40-59 pcs: 20% off
  • 60-79 pcs: 25% off
  • 80-99 pcs: 30% off
  • 100 or more: 35% off

Or, if you’re thinking about screen printing, custom neck labels, packaging stickers or embroidery on large volumes, you can also reach out to Creator Studio at info@creatorstudio.com

The Live Experience: Merch Beyond the Horizon

But wait, there’s more! Creator Studio takes merch to the “next-next-level” with immersive offline experiences. Picture your fans interacting with merch in augmented reality or through kiosks at live events. It’s not just merch; it’s an experience that amplifies your connection with the audience.

In a sea of merchandising options, Creator Studio emerges as the undisputed maestro, conducting a symphony of style, quality, and innovation. This isn’t just merch; it’s a revolution. Say goodbye to merch headaches and hello to a partnership that speaks volumes. Creator Studio isn’t just a recommendation; it’s the future of your merchandising journey. Buckle up – the revolution starts here.

Create custom merch on Creator Studio and give your fans headline quality merch.