Mar 20, 2020

COVID-19 Shutdown: Important Links for Music Makers


The live music industry is currently deeply impacted by the Coronavirus crisis as public gatherings are currently prohibited. Artists, clubs and festivals are among the hardest hit and we must stay at home and stream. We don’t know when things will go back to “normal” and what the industry will look like then. But one thing is clear: it will continue. No live music is not an option!

last update: 10 July 2020

Use your free time now, get informed and empowered! What do music makers need to know under such exceptional circumstances and how is gigmit helping you through the crisis? Here you will find important links and information on the COVID-19 situation for music makers as a link collection. With the community feedback, you can tell us what’s in your mind and we should share with the live community.

What Does the COVID-19 Pandemic Mean for Live Music?

  • Official EU announcements regarding the CCIs (
  • Live Music Intelligence Magazine IQ does a great job with a lot of international news and features on the COVID-19 topic (IQ, updated)
  • “Numerous UK Venues Close In Single Day” (IQ, 16 July 2020)
  • Report: COVID-19 To Cost Festival Sector $16.8BN” (IQ, 10 July 2020)
  • Streaming Scams Target Live Music Fans” (IQ, 8 July 2020)
  • Lockdown Learnings (gigmit, 1 July 2020)
  • Singing And Chanting To Be Banned In Places of Worship As They Prepare To Reopen After Lockdown” (Evening Standard, 29 June 2020)
  • “UK Creative Industries Face £74BN In Revenue Losses In 2020″ (Ticketing Business News, 18 June 2020)
  • How Are Artists During the COVID-19 Pandemic?” (gigmit, 14 May 2020)
  • Q&A: INES#festivals vs. Coronavirus (gigmit, 5 May 2020)
  • “European Commission Says Festivals And Concerts Should Reopen Last (Ticketing Business News, 22 April 2020)
  • “Why Outbreaks Like Coronavirus Spread Exponentially, And How to ‘Flatten the Curve’” (The Washington Post, 14 March 2020)
  • “We Asked 23 UK Music Festivals If They’re Going Ahead Despite Coronavirus” (VICE, 12 March 2020)
  • “Coronavirus Will Bankrupt More People Than It Kills – And That’s the Real Global Emergency” (INDEPENDENT, 11 March 2020)
  • “How Coronavirus Could Impact the Music Scene (And Your Festival Plans) This Summer” (NME, 11 March 2020)
  • “Why You Must Act Now (Medium, 10 March 2020)
  • “Which Festivals Will Take Place?” (gigmit, updated)
  • COVID-19 Advice for Venues” (Music Venue Trust)
COVID-19 Protective Suit
Protective Suit Designed for Full-Capacity Return of Live Events // Image by Production Club

Help for Cultural Workers

  • Funding Opportunities for Creatives (
  • Global Directory of Relief Funds Available To Artists And Music Industry (Hypebot, 20 April 2020)
  • Arts Council England Covid-19 support (England, UK)
  • Creative Scotland Support (Scotland, UK)
  • Sound Royalties Funding applications (USA)
  • American’s for the Arts Economic Impact Survey (USA)
  • Billboard collected support resource (USA)
  • AIE Artist Association (Spain)

IMPALA 10-point COVIC-19 crisis plan

  • UK Government Set To Release 880m As Part Of Cultural Recovery Package” (Ticketing Business News, 29 July 2020)
  • “DCMS Criticises Failure Of UK Government To Support Live” (IQ, 23 July 2020)
  • “UK Government Slashes VAT On Concerts (IQ, 9 July 2020)
  • “UK Announces £1.5BN Culture Rescue Package (IQ, 5 July 2020)
  • “Scottish Performing Arts Venues Receive £10M Rescue Package” (IQ, 3 July 2020)
  • #letthemusicplay: UK Biz Mobilises To Call for Aid” (IQ, 2 July 2020)
  • Global Citizen Concert Raises $6.9BN To Tackle COVID-19″ (IQ, 29 June 2020)
  • “Support Acts: Which Countries Are Still Backing Live (IQ, 17 June 2020)
  • French PRO Sacem Launches A Royalties Scheme for Livestreams” (Musically, 10 June 2020)
  • “£2.5M Musicians’ Fund Runs Out of Cash (BBC, 9 June 2020)
  • “Germany’s Promoter’ Association Calls For Additional €3.75BN For Events Sector” (Ticketing Business News, 05 June 2020)
  • Neustart Kultur: Germany Pledges €150M for Live Music” (IQ, 5 June 2020)
  • Wacken Foundation Unveils Corona Rescue Fund” (IQ, 14 May 2020)
  • Bandcamp to waive fees on the first Friday of the months until July (Bandcamp, 27 April 2020)
  • “Spotify Launches Fan Fundraising With $100 Gift To Every Artist” (Hypebot, 23 April 2020)
  • “Apple Music Quietly Starts $50 Million COVID-19 Advance Funds for Indie Labels (Rolling Stone, 7 April 2020)
  • Open Letter: “Music Sector Joins Together To Call for EU And National Investment” (INES, 3 April 2020)
  • “Live Nation Pledges $10M To Support Concert Crews (Ticketing Business News, 1 April 2020)
  • 16 Ways To Support the Musicians, Record Stores, Venues And Music Shops You Love” (Louder, 27 March 2020)
  • Spotify COVID-19 Music Relief (Spotify, 25 March 2020)
  • Resources: Arts, Culture and Cultural Mobility” (on the move, 24 March 2020)
  • #VirtualPint Initiative Launches To Aid Vulnerable Venues” (Festival Insights, 24 March 2020)
  • “Emergency Coronavirus Fund for Songwriters Worth Up To $43M Launched by GEMA In Germany” (Music Business Worldwide, 23 March 2020)
  • “‘We Need Help Now’: Calls For Support for Freelancers (IQ, 20 March 2020)
  • Bandcamp waives their own contribution for 24 hours on 20.03.2020. Support artists and labels directly…
  • Ticketing Firms Launch Range of Initiatives to Support Industry” (Ticketing Business News, 19 March 2020)
  • #SaveOurScene (Resident Advisor, 19 March 2020)
  • “UK Music Calls for ‘Urgent Clarity‘ On the Impact of Coronavirus On Music Events” (UK Music, 16 March 2020)
  • Advice And Latest News On Coronavirus for Musicians” (Musicians Union UK, updating)
  • “Industry Orgs Urge Gov Support In Face of COVID-19″ (IQ, updating)
  • Independent Music Companies Association (IMPALA) adopts crisis plan calling for urgent action across Europe
  • An overview of action across Europe (IMPALA)


  • “Cancel the Festival of Britain – Save Britain’s Grassroots Culture
  • #LeaveNoOneBehind: Prevent the Corona catastrophe now – also at the external borders!”

How To Go On?

  • “While PPP Has Been Vital, The Live Industry Banks On More Financial Help” (Pollstar, 06 August 2020)
  • Belgian Government Reduces Capacity Limits As COVID-19 Cases Rise”(IQ, 28 July 2020)
  • Rapid Sell-Out For Asia’s First Post-COVID Arena Shows” (IQ, 22 July 2020)
  • “Outdoor Events In Barcelona Avoid Renewed Ban” (IQ, 21 July 2020)
  • Theatres And Venues In England Can Reopen In August (Ticketing Business News, 17 July 2020)
  • Drive-in Concerts In Mexico (IQ, 15 July 2020)
  • Hotel-based Festival Experience Unveiled In Canada (Ticketing Business News, 13 July 2020)
  • Japan Allows 5000-Person Indoor Concerts” (IQ, 13 July 2020)
  • First Bike-In Arena Launches In Italy (,  10 July 2020)
  • “Venues Closed As Major Cities Go Back Into Lockdown (IQ,  8 July 2020)
  • “UK Venues ‘Falling Through the Cracks” As Government Unveils VAT Cuts” (Ticketing Business News, 8 July 2020)
  • “Hotel-Based Concert Series To Debut In Spain (IQ, 8 July 2020)
  • “Are Online Experiences Here To Stay?” (IQ, 7 July 2020)
  • 6,000 Attend First Post-COVID Arena Show in New Zealand  (NZ Herald, 4 July 2020)
  • “Laura Marling And the Rise of the Paid Live Stream” (IQ, 3. July 2020)
  • “Should Berlin’s Clubs Reopen Immediately?” (CLUBCOMMISSION, 01 July 2020)
  • “Let’s Get Indoor Inspired: gigmit’s First Online Festival (gigmit, 1 July 2020)
  • “German Promoters’ Association Calls for Uniform Event Guidelines (Ticketing Business News, 1 July 2020)
  • WHO updates guidance on mass gatherings(Ticketing Business News, 30 June 2020)
  • Canadian Hotels Host First Govt-Approved Concerts” (IQ, 30 June 2020)
  • “1/3 of Italians Book Tickets for Post-Corona Shows” (IQ, 29 June 2020)
  • Netherlands Removes Capacity Limits for Seated Events From July 1″ (Ticketing Business News, 26 June 2020)
  • Australian Live Industry Welcomes A $250 Support Package” (Ticketing Business News, 25 June 2020)
  • UK: “Roadmap Revealed for Reopening of Theatres” (The Stage, 25 June 2020)
  • Irish Venues To Reopen As Arts Council Receives €2oM” (IQ, 23 June 2020)
  • Germany Extends Event Ban To October” (IQ, 18 June 2020)
  • “German Venues To Turn Red To Protest Shutdown (IQ, 18 June 2020)
  • “Touring To Return To France In July” (IQ, 18 June 2020)
  • European Metal Festivals Form New Alliance” (IQ, 17 June 2020)
  • Australia Prepares for Live Music Comeback” (IQ, 15 June 2020)
  • BTS Gross $18M+ With Biggest-Ever Paid Live Stream (IQ, 15 June 2020)
  • Re-Opening Guidelines in South Africa (South African Communications Industries Association NPC, 12 June 2020)
  • Norway Scraps Distancing for Artists (, 12 June 2020)
  • “Festivals To Take Place In Greece This Summer” (IQ, 12 June 2020)
  • “Concertgoers To Make Out-of-Home-Entertainment A Priority Post-Lockdown – Survey” (Ticketing Business News, 11 June 2020)
  • Ukrainian Rock Band Reinvents Concerts – Vertically(Reuters, 11 June 2020)
  • “10 things to know if you’re hosting a virtual event” (IQ, 10. June 2020)
  • 2.000-cap. concerts take place in Portugal (IQ, 05 June 2020)
  • Serbia lifts restrictions on outdoor events (IQ, 05 June 2020)
  • “Festival Republic Boss Urges Government To Adopt Pre-Event Testing (Ticketing Business News, 04 June 2020)
  • New Zealand events to reopen fully with contact tracing (IQ, 04 June 2020)
  • Central European countries ease event restrictions (IQ, 04 June 2020)
  • Facebook Launches Live Events App Venue (IQ, 01 June 2020)
  • Finland Allows Events of Up To 500 People (, 31 May 2020)
  • Instagram allows monetarisation of live streams (Instagram, 27 May 2020)
  • “First Post-Lockdown Concerts Take Place in Spain (IQ, 26 May 2020)
  • “US Firm Finds Bumper Solution To Social Distancing Rules” (IQ, 22 May 2020)
  • “All Secure Standard (Society of Independent Show Organizers (SISO), 18 May 2020)
  • “Concerts To Return To Italy In June” (IQ, 18 May 2020)
  • “Livestreamed Concert Views Grow 385% Year On Year” (IQ, 14 May 2020)
  • Protective Suit Designed for Full-Capacity Return of Live Events” (Ticketing Business News, 13 May 2020)
  • “Dutch DJs W&W Plan ‘World’s First XR Livestream (IQ, 12 May 2020)
  • “Roskilde 2021 Sells Out of Full Festival Tickets” (IQ, 12 May 2020)
  • In England, Some Live Events Could Take Place From 1 June (, 11 May 2020)
  • Portugal To Ban Festivals Until 30 September (, 7 May 2020)
  • Dutch Venues Back In June As Benelux Advances Reopenings (, 6 May 2020)
  • “‘Save the Summer’: Event Organisers Working On Drive-In Summer Festivals (Brussels Times, 5 May 2020)
  • Ireland To Permit Some Shows, Festivals In August (, 2 May 2020)
  • Drive-In Concerts: A New Normal for Live?” (IQ, 1 May 2020)
  • “3D Digital Venue Unveils Service To Facilitate Distancing At Live Events” (Ticketing Business News, 30 April 2020)
  • Norway Festivals Cancelled But Small Events To Return from May 7 (, 30 April 2020)
  • “Live Music To Return To Spain In May” (IQ, 29 April 2020)
  • Event Safety And Security In the Context of COVID-19″ (Research Institute for Exhibition and Live-Communication, 28 April 2020)
  • #UnitedWeStream: every-day live streams from clubs on donation (CLUBCOMMISSION)
  • #StayON: a similar Italian initiative (KeepOn, 16 March 2020)
  • “New Live Video Features for Facebook, Instagram and Portal” (Facebook, 24 April 2020)
  • “7 Home Recording Tools That Will Help You #stayhome” (gigmit, 22 April 2020)
  • “A New Dawn of Digital: Behind Livestreaming‘s ‘Massive Explosion'” (IQ, 20 April 2020)
  • a platform for artists to share music and special skills to get paid
  • Face Masks Become Must-Have Music Merch” (IQ, 20 April 2020)
  • “7 DIY Platforms To Live Stream Your Music” (gigmit, 13 April 2020)
  • “Moving Online: The Booming Business of Livestreaming (IQ, 9 April 2020)
  • “7 Submarine Rules for Music Makers During Social Distancing (gigmit, 7 April 2020)
  • “Indoor Inspired – Live Stream And Win(gigmit, 1 April 2020)
  • 20 Music Live Streams for Quarantine Times” (gigmit, 31 March 2020)
  • “How To Make Money From Virtual Concerts?” (IQ, 25 March 2020)
  • “Venues Open Doors As Demand for Hospital Beds Grows” (IQ, 24 March 2020)
  • “A Long Road To Recovery: Promoters In Asia Talk Covid-19″ (IQ, 24 March 2020)
  • “Is It Smart To Release Music During The Coronavirus Quarantine?” (Hypebot, 23 March 2020)
  • “Live Streaming On the Rise As Bandsintown Launches Watch Live Feature (Ticketing Business News, 20 March 2020)
  • “Why Fan Engagement Is Now More Important Than Ever” (IQ, 19 March 2020)
  • “Indie Venues Fight Back Against Coronavirus” (IQ, 19 March 2020)
  • “Korean Musical Theatre Triumphs Despide COVID-19″ (IQ, 18 March 2o20)
  • “AGI’s Nick Storch: On Rescheduling Tours And Staying Positive (Pollstar, 18 March 2020)
  • The Show Goes On(Line): Concerts Get Creative Amid Global Shutdown” (IQ, 18 March 2020)
  • “How the Coronavirus Is Pushing Chinese Concerts Online” (The Verge, 17 February 2020)
  • Quarantine Show Series (e.g. Share the Wonder, Igor Levit and DUBIOZA KOLEKTIV)

How gigmit Helps You Now Beside Important COVID-19 Links & Information

COVID-19 Community Feedback

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