Apr 30, 2020

Festival & Venue Database: One Step Closer To Success


Preferential circles have restricted the growth of artists and venues for a very long time. This aspect of the music industry undermines the rise of organic growth and rising promoters, resulting in a stagnant music market place. At gigmit we wanted to break this negative practice by opening a direct avenue of communication between artists and promoters. Discover the Festival & Venue Database, a resource that promises to have a disruptive impact on how the industry connects…

It’s often very hard to get one step into the door of the people you’d like to work with. Meanwhile, the middlemen involved in mediating the communication between interested parties usually slow the process down. As a result, inaction and stagnation are often seen from the artist’s side, while promoters don’t explore new and potentially innovative artists. This is where our Festival & Venue Database comes into play! It connects people, more specifically artists and promoters.

Our Festival & Venue Database helps artists and promoters get together and bring their careers to the next level. As an artist, you’ll be able to find reliable contact information to reach out to the right people. As a promoter, by having your venue/festival included in our database, you’ll have access to our community of artists. This can result in a more connected world that exchanges value and enhances networking possibilities. It’s worth mentioning that our team constantly works on extending the Database! We work hard to deliver a wider palette of choices to our community.

Now we’re building my live show, and there are all these cool new features like the Festival and Venue Database, where you can search for venues in certain areas. I love this feature. You can see that gigmit is really growing because when I started using gigmit, there were no venues from Finland. Now there are over 70 venues to contact.

Sam Shaky (FI)

Here are four reasons to use our Festival & Venue Database:

1) Save time!

Looking for festivals, bars, clubs or other alternatives for live gigs is very time consuming – especially when you want to tour in a different region or abroad. Where do live events take place? Which festivals and clubs are looking to book live acts in your genre or meet your requirements? Who is the contact person for this? Anyone who’s a bit familiar with the industry usually already has their own list of venues to contact. To sum up, we all know that it takes quite a bit of time and effort to enlarge your contacts and keep your address book up to date. For this reason, we solved this boring and administrative task through our Festival & Venue Database! You can save time and focus on what’s really important: MUSIC.

2) Match The Right Venues With The Right Artists

In order for an artist to do a good gig, the right place and crowd need to be addressed. Through our database you’ll be able to filter festivals and venues that specialise in your genre and are based where you, as an artist, have an active fan base. As a result, you will increase the likelihood of being booked, and have a successful show that satisfies all the parties involved!

3) Have More Choices Rather Than A Few

When artists play in more places they extend their reach, fan base, and social traction. On the other side, promoters that involve different artists have direct access to new networks of fans that could potentially become future customers. In addition, when these two aspects are combined there’s a feedback loop that benefits all the parties involved! As an artist you’ll have the possibility to explore more venues that fit your needs, while promoters will have more artists to grow their name with. Our team constantly updates and extends the festivals and venue database! We work hard to deliver a wide palette of choices that artists can navigate. That is to say, if you’ve missed a gig application deadline, don’t worry! You will still be able to reach out to many promoters that are included in the database.

4) Improved Communication Brings To Better Shows

There tends to be some misunderstanding on what artists need to share with promoters in order to catch their interest. For this reason, we made it as simple as it gets to share the most fundamental things a promoter would want to know. Once an artist decides who they want to reach, they’ll have to complete a standardised message with a list of required fields. Therefore, you can be sure you shared all that is needed. Promoters can be sure to know everything there’s to know about an artist they’re dealing with. As a result, you’ll lower miscommunication, and increase the potential of a successful show. In the end, everyone goes home happy!

4) The ultimate networking tool?

It’s often troublesome to network and find the people you’d like to work with. Many times we are simply unaware of who we could potentially be interested in working with. After all it’s a huge world, and this can often have a paralysing effect! We wanted to make things easier, and help you narrow down your spectrum of research through all our filtering options. You want to network with people that work with your genre, but in a different country? Well… now you can do so with just a few clicks and a professional message on gigmit. This opens the possibility to extent your network and reach out to interested parties around the world. Through our Festival & Venue Database we reduce all the “noise” coming from the redundancy of such a broad palette of choices, and narrow down the search through smart filtering options on the artists side. As a promoter, all you need to do is sit down and listen!

I’ve found the platform extremely useful as a means of organising all of our links/info/press in a professional manner through the gigmit artist page, as well as using the festivals/venues database to connect with people and places that most likely wouldn’t acknowledge us otherwise. If you’re proactive and creative in developing yourself and your work, as an independent artist I think the gigmit platform is a must-have tool that can work as a very accessible and easy to use extension of your brand or work.

Will from SUN SPOT (UK)


Here’s our Festival & Venue Database Quick Start Guide:


Search & Filter

City or Country – You can look for venues in the country, city or region with a radius of 50 to 500 kilometres. Firstly, via the Fan Base & Location Module on your Artist Page you can discover in which region you have a big fan base. Secondly, you can start your search in that exact area! Increase your chances of getting booked this way. However, don’t feel constrained to your local fanbase! If you feel you’re a valid match for a promoter elsewhere, then take your shot and go for it. A new and beautiful collaboration might result from it. What are you waiting for?

Festival or Venue – You can specify your search between festivals and venues. Moreover, when you look for venues you can further specify for bars, cafés, club, pubs and other options. Play in the context you feel most comfortable with, or try something different. The choices are there. What are you going to choose?

Genre – Filter by your genre. With this brand new filter, you’ll get the most optimal results. For instance, exclude venues that don’t fit your genre. As a result, you can find the right venues in no time! We recommend to send your music to venues/festivals that fit you in order to establish a valid connection. Save your time and the promoter time by narrowing down to a precise choice your selection.


Search & Select

Layout – The gigmit FESTIVAL & VENUE DATABASE is mobile optimized. The results of your search will appear in a list below the filter button. All in your pocket! You can now explore your options from anywhere at anytime. Don’t miss any second to grow as an artist!

LinksFor each entry in the results list, you can immediately find the venue name, type of venue, city and country, and the link to their website or Facebook page, when available. As a result, you will get a first impression of the venue or promoters before you select them.

Selection: You can mark suitable venues or festivals in your results list by ticking the circle on their right. Now click below on “Prepare message” to contact the promoters. 


Send A Personal Message & A Smart EPK

Text – Write a catchy subject line. It should contain your name, a keyword or genre and, if applicable, a suggested date for the gig. We already prepared a standard message format for you. Most importantly, promoters get hundreds of requests a day so get creative as well! 

EPK – No need to attach any further documents or files! Your Electronic Press Kit (EPK) with all relevant info will automatically be added to your message. Information that’s essential for promoters are your picture, name, origin and genre. Links to your most relevant videos and examples of your music are also important. This is an automatic feature of the gigmit FAN INSIGHTS, which is unique in the live music sector. In order for this feature to be activated on your Artist Page, you just have to link your Facebook, YouTube and Spotify accounts to your gigmit EPK.  

Send – Ready! This way you can contact 10 promoters a day. Each venue you contacted will automatically receive a personal message with your information. Let’s be real now – how much easier can it get?



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