Apr 30, 2020

Product News: gigmit FESTIVAL & VENUE DATABASE


With nearly 13,000 contacts for more gigs and a better touring, smart filters, and a campaign function, the new-designed and mobile-optimized gigmit FESTIVAL & VENUE DATABASE is the tool to make booking easier. Let us explain how useful this new product feature is and how it will save you the precious time you actually need für creativity!

Updated on July 09 2020

Our new gigmit FESTIVAL & VENUE DATABASE allows artists, managers and agencies to find suiting venues that can be contacted to find more gigs and to plan a better tour.

No Need To Waste Time On Looking for Venues!

Looking for festivals, bars, clubs or other alternatives for live gigs is very time consuming – especially when you want to tour in a different region or abroad. Where do live events take place? Which festivals and clubs are looking to book live acts in your genre or meet your requirements? Who is the contact person for this? Unfortunately, Google isn’t of much help in this case. Anyone who’s a bit familiar with the industry usually already has their own list of venues to contact. You know that it takes quite a bit of time and effort to enlarge your contacts and keep your address book up to date. 

Note: The numbers from this video are from April 2020.

Isn’t it possible to outsource this time-consuming administrative part that comes with being a musician? Of course! This is exactly where the gigmit FESTIVAL & VENUE DATABASE comes into play. With just about 13,000 contacts for more gigs and a better touring, smart filters, and a function that allows you to send multiple emails at the same time.

New Addresses & New Filters & New Design

We have researched, checked and added new contacts to the existing Festival & Venue Database. All gigmit users will thus have access to more than 10,000 festival and venue contacts. On top of that, we also added two new search filters. You’re looking for bars, cafés, pubs or other venues? Looking for a festival in a specific city or within a radius of up to 500 km?

New design & mobile optimized: the gigmit FESTIVAL & VENUE DATABASE



Select the festival or venue of your choice, prepare a message and send your EPK – the gigmit FESTIVAL & VENUE DATABASE is here to help you with all of that! You can use this feature to its fullest extent with gigmit PRO. As a gigmit PRO user, you can not only browse through all contacts worldwide, but you can also filter your results, search by name and contact up to 10 promoters directly with automatically adjusted booking arguments

Search & Filter

  • City or Country – You can look for venues in the country, city or region with a radius of 50 to 500 kilometres. Via the Fan Base & Location Module on your Artist Page you know in which region you have a big fan base. Start your search in that exact area! Having a local fan base increases your chances to get booked dramatically. 
  • Festival or Venue – You can specify your search between festivals and venues. When looking for venues, you can further specify for bars, cafés, club, pubs and other options. 
  • Genre – Filter by your genre. With this brand new filter, you’ll get the most optimal results. Exclude venues that don’t fit your genre so you can find the right venues in no time! 


Search & Select 

  • Layout – The gigmit FESTIVAL & VENUE DATABASE is mobile optimized. The results of your search will appear in a list below the filter button.  
  • LinksFor each entry in the results list, you can immediately find the venue name, type of venue, city and country, and the link to their website or Facebook page, when available. This will give you a first impression of the venue or promoters before you select them.
  • Selection: You can mark suitable venues or festivals in your results list by ticking the circle on their right. Now click below on “Prepare message” to contact the promoters. 


Send A Personal Message & A Smart EPK

  • Text – Write a catchy subject line. It should contain your name, a keyword or genre and, if applicable, a suggested date for the gig. We already prepared a standard message format for you. But be creative, yet clear and describe briefly who you are and what your music sounds like. Most promoters already get hundreds of requests a day. 
  • EPK – No need to attach any further documents or files! Your Electronic Press Kit (EPK) with all relevant info will automatically be added to your message. Information that’s essential for promoters are your picture, name, origin and genre, links to your most relevant videos and examples of your music, your activity and popularity in the respective area of the promoter. The presence of the local fan base is one of the most important arguments to get booked. This is an automatic feature of the gigmit FAN INSIGHTS, which is unique in the live music sector. In order for this feature to be activated on your Artist Page, you just have to link your Facebook, YouTube and Spotify accounts to your gigmit EPK.  
  • Send – Ready! This way you can contact 10 promoters a day. Each venue you contacted will automatically receive a personal message with your information. Let’s be real now – how much easier can it get?


Logo: gigmit PRO

Taking initiative is essential in the live business! And that’s exactly why you’d use the gigmit FESTIVAL & VENUE DATABASE to actively contact promoters. Our free database currently contains more than 10,000 contacts of promoters worldwide which is definitely more than the traditional agency’s address books. And we can assure you that our database will only grow bigger. We are already working hard on the expansion.

Easy Access  To Live

As the data-driven matchmaking platform, gigmit represents easy booking for both artists and promoters. We make a part of the business that previously was only reserved for a select few available for everyone. Bringing decent music to the worlds’ stages is becoming easier and more affordable than ever before. We are here to change the way concerts and tours are being organised. We are here to make this easier so artists have more time to spend on the thing they excel most at. Rocking the stage!

Become now part of the gigmit community and take advantage of these unique services during the Corona Crisis.

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