Oct 10, 2022

81 gigmit Acts played Reeperbahn Festival 2022

Reeperbahn Festival 2022 was a huge success for gigmit! With over 80 artists playing the festival and an amazing hosted showcase, we couldn’t have asked for a better experience!

Reeperbahn Festival 2022 was an amazing display of emerging musical talent, showcases and much more!

With vibrant venues and energetic performances, the red-light district of Hamburg was alive with music lovers from all over the world. Some of the world’s best upcoming talent took to the stages and blew the crowds away.

Did you attend Reeperbahn Festival 2022? If so, you can read this article and reminisce about the amazing festival experience. If you didn’t get the chance to attend this year, you can read all about it below, and it may even convince you to buy a ticket / apply for next year… 😉

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Reeperbahn Festival Piano Performance
© Christian Hedel

gigmit artists at Reeperbahn Festival 2022

Did you know that 81 gigmit artists got booked to play at Reeperbahn 2022?! 320 artists in total played Reeperbahn, meaning over 25% of the artists that played were gigmit artists!

This includes Anchor Award winners “Cassia and Anchor award nominees “The Haunted Youth”. The Anchor is a Reeperbahn Festival award intended to act as a label of excellence for emerging artists. It shines a spotlight on the most promising artists the festival has to display, and the winner is then decided by a panel of industry professionals. Indie-pop band Cassia ended up taking home the award. The UK based band contrast catchy, upbeat melodies with deep, introspective lyrics. Take a look at their artist page to check out their songs here!

Cassia on stage at Reeperbahn Festival 2022

The Haunted Youth are another gigmit band that were nominated for the award! The Indie-pop band from Belgium performed three times during the festival. We got the opportunity to see one of their vibrant live shows as well as their soothing acoustic set. We also had the pleasure of interviewing lead singer Joachim Liebens who told us all about his songwriting techniques and the journey of his musical career.

Cosby at Reeperbahn Festival 2022
Cosby on stage at Reeperbahn Festival 2022

The full interview will be released on our socials soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

We even got to see some of our talented artists perform live!

Electro-pop artist “French 79” put on an amazing show at Mojo Club at the top of the Reeperbahn. We also saw amazing performances from bands such as “Cosby”, “Pure Chlorine”, “Taxi Kebab”, “The Haunted Youth” and many more! It was an extravaganza of gigmit talent!

We got the opportunity to interview many of the incredible gigmit artists that played during the festival. Among the artists we interviewed were gigmit showcase superstars LaHasna, Mauvey and K not K. These three gigmit PRO users told us all about their experience at the festival and gave us an insight into their musical styles and journeys.

Additionally, we interviewed talented gigmit artists Pure Chlorine, Braden Lam, Cosby, Haector, Pina Palau and Bec Sandrdige. The full interviews for all of these amazing artists will be posted on our socials in the coming week so stay tuned!

This year, a few of us from the gigmit team attended the festival. We hosted an incredible showcase of our top talent at Sommersalon (an amazing venue on the Reeperbahn).

With the gigmit showcase in full flow, the first night of the festival was off to a great start. 

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La Hasna opens the gigmit showcase at Reeperbahn Festival 2022

Opening the showcase with a captivating performance, La Hasna drew together the initial crowd of the evening, filled with industry professionals and music lovers. Her performance was a blend of hard beats and catchy vocal melodies. She knew how to get the crowd going and would often jump off the stage to join them on the dance floor!

The atmosphere was vibrant, and it was an entertaining and creative performance for the gigmit star.

La Hasna Performance at Reeperbahn Festival 2022
La Hasna Performance at Reeperbahn Festival 2022

After an amazing opening performance, the crowd took to the bar during the half an hour changeover before the second show. The night had only just begun…

A Passionate and Emotional Performance from Mauvey

Mauvey's performance at Reeperbahn Festival 2022
Mauvey on the gigmit stage at RBF 2022 by © Bree Laryea

Now that everyone had a drink in their hands, it was time for the second performance of the evening.

Wearing his trademark purple clothes, Ghanaian Born and U.K. raised artist and songwriter Mauvey took to the stage. Bringing a unique sound and style of alternative pop, Mauvey put on the show of a lifetime. His unbounded passion and energy on stage took the audience’s breath away, and he proudly proclaimed his message of love, not only through his music but also with intimate exchanges with the crowd.

Mauvey’s catchy tunes and powerful voice even drew in additional passers by from the street who curiously ventured into the venue to experience this musical phenomenon. The show ended with the audience singing along and the venue packed. A very successful second performance for the talented gigmit artist.

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During the final changeover, the atmosphere was vibrant and fun, with people drinking, laughing and chatting.

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K not K close the gigmit showcase at Reeperbahn Festival 2022 with a bang!

K not K on stage at Reeperbahn Festival 2022
K not K performance at Reeperbahn Festival 2022

As the clock hit 21:30, all eyes turned back to the stage, awaiting the entrance of the Romanian duo, K not K. Wearing extravagant, chess inspired outfits and quirky sunglasses, the funky electro style beats began to fill the room.

The duo played hit after hit and had the crowd dancing within no time. Their unique music style is based around a game of chess, with the duo consistently provoking and challenging each other in a musical standoff.

The light-hearted competition results in an elaborate and exciting show, which despite its complexity, maintains a danceable beat.

The night closed with a euphoric atmosphere; the crowd chanting for an encore after K not K’s last song. The encore finished with the audience cheering and the artists ecstatic.

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Reeperbahn Festival 2022 Rewind

A very successful showcase, and a great first night of Reeperbahn 2022.

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Similarly, if you want to hear the songs of the gigmit artists who performed at Reeperbahn this year, we made a Spotify Playlist just for that! You can listen to all the amazing artists who performed!

After a weekend of amazing music, vibrant crowds and great people, it was finally time to pack up and head home. The festival had been a huge success for gigmit artists and the gigmit team and we headed home feeling very happy, but very tired! 

Reeperbahn festival is an amazing opportunity for emerging artists and we would highly recommend it to anyone trying to break into the industry. There may even be opportunities to play at next year’s Reeperbahn Festival so make sure you have your artist page fully updated for when that time comes!

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