Jan 23, 2020

A Shitty Business If You Wanna Make Money?

Lithuanian rock band Timid Kooky and Swedish pop duo The Magnettes talk about how to earn money as a musician, what to do to make a living out of music and how to spend your money wisely.

Is the live music industry a shitty business if you wanna make money as an artist? That’s what The Magnettes from Sweden says. “It’s a lot of work. It takes a long time. And you have to be prepared to hustle.” Timid Kooky reckons: “Go for it!” We talked to these talents about making money as an artist. What is their main source of revenue? What do they advise to other bands?

Video Interview


It’s not that easy to earn money with your music. That’s why we added 7 tips on how to make money with your music. Check it out!

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