May 16, 2023

The Most Common Accusations against gigmit

We frequently encounter accusations from various backgrounds. Although only from a very small part, less than 0.1% of our community, it is an enough reason for us to clarify the most important points and straighten things out.

1.Gigs are bad or not paid

We believe that music has value. We advertise this to promoters and always try to ensure the highest possible fees are advertised on gigmit. But gigmit is also an open marketplace. We cannot force established business events to change their business model. Our tip: If the fees are suitable, apply. No one should feel obligated to apply for gigs that are not considered good.

2. Gigs take place in bad locations (e.g. beer festivals)

gigmit is for everyone and is broadly based. We do not think it is bad that some gigs only suit certain artists and not everyone. After all, we want to bring as many artists as possible to their suitable stages. The same applies here: Only apply if you feel comfortable and it makes sense.

3. gigmit is a gatekeeper for many showcase festivals

We are proud that artists can apply to almost all showcase festivals in Europe and many international showcases beyond with just a profile and a few clicks. This makes it easier to internationalize one’s “business”. The festivals are also grateful to have such centralized access to so many international talents. We even plan to expand this further.

4. gigmit is a data monster

Data is an opportunity for the live music industry. gigmit makes many data visible, even for free. We use access authorized by users to the Facebook/Instagram API and offer users the opportunity to connect their services: Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud, Mixcloud, and Bandcamp, to display all profiles, songs, and data easily on one page. This service is even free for gigmit users. We would not describe ourselves as a “monster” because of this service.

5. gigmit has negative reviews on review portals

gigmit’s review score is 4.8 out of 5 on Google, 4 out of 5 on Sitejabber, and 3-4 out of 5 on Trustpilot. In comparison, SoundCloud has a score of 2 out of 5 stars (with the comment “Poor”). gigmit’s negative reviews on the platforms come from less than 0.01% of our users. These few bad reviews usually do not refer to the service but to problems with payment and invoices from gigmit. If artists have not paid their invoice and have ignored all reminders for several weeks or months, they will receive a letter from the collection agency, and then gigmit usually receives one of its bad reviews. However, this is no reason not to consider gigmit as a serious and functioning company.

6. gigmit is not interested in the concerns of musicians

gigmit has the philosophy “Artist first” in all our decisions. We challenge our developments daily from this perspective. About half of our employees are also artists and stand for our user interests.

7. Gigs on gigmit are fake

The offers on gigmit are user-generated. This means that festivals and clubs are responsible for their own presentation. gigmit regularly checks the content posted. We have almost never detected fakes in our 10-year history. If our users notice a supposed fake offer, we ask them to contact our customer service immediately (

8. gigmit takes money from unsuspecting bands & DJs

The business model of €19/month (€228 per year) is suitable for all artists and extremely affordable compared to booking costs through other solutions/services. There are no additional booking fees on gigmit. We strongly reject “grabbing money” from “unaware” bands & DJs. gigmit is an opportunity, even for bands at the beginning of their career.

9. gigmit does not respond to emails or messages

We respond to every email that comes to us in a structured way. However, we are a small team, and there may be delays in responding due to weekends, vacations, or illness. But we answer every email in customer service.

10. gigmit PRO has a one-year term

Booking is not a process where you achieve sustainable success in 2 minutes or even in a month. Bookers often take 3-6 months to make their final decisions. Our attitude and experience are: booking takes time, and 1 year is a good time to successfully play concerts and use gigmit PRO.

11. Unclear cancellation process

You can simply cancel online in your profile with just 5 clicks or by email. We have analyzed this: canceling gigmit is easier than ending a phone contract or other memberships.

12. Reputable clubs have no need to use gigmit

That would mean that there is no change in the industry. So, should we just leave everything as it is? We see the change in the industry and on gigmit and have won more clubs and festivals than any other platform in this area. In addition, booking agents, for example, can represent only about 1% of the world’s artists. If we leave the business at the same level as 20-50 years ago, it means not supporting 99% of the world’s artists. That goes against our ideals and our spirit of innovation.


We hope to have taken a first step in helping you better understand gigmit. Please note that prejudices are to be worked on and ideally cleared up. Please always seek dialogue before topics spread in the wrong circles. We look forward to hearing from you!


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