Jan 05, 2024

gigmit FAQ: How to add gigs

The Gig History section helps promoters to get an idea of where you have already performed and where you are about to perform in the future, which helps them to make an informed decision for which date or kind of venue they can book you

Keep your Gig History up to date and enter upcoming and past gigs! This is about name-dropping clubs and festivals where you have and will play šŸ™‚

How to go about this:

  • Open “Edit Artist Page
  • Scroll down to “Gig History” and click on “Add upcoming gig” for upcoming gigs or “Add past gig” for past gigs
  • For future gigs you can specify their date, indicate the venue where it will take place, and the name of the event
    • Try to search for the venue/festival first and if it shows up in the drop-down list, simply select it
    • If you don’t see the venue/festival, it doesn’t exist in our database yet, which means you have to create it
    • Click on “Create” and enter its name, street address, and specify whether it is a venue or a festival
      • Please note that in order to successfully add the venue/festival to our database it must have a street address with a number!
    • Under additional information, you have the chance to add the contact email and specify the venue’s type (bar, cafe, club, pub, or other
    • Save it and and click on “Add” to finish adding your gig


  • The process is the same for past gigs, but instead of a date you just mark the gig’s month and year
  • You have a chance to highlight up to 3 gigs in this section by clicking the ⭐️ next to the gig’s name. This way you can indicate the gigs you’re most proud of!