Feb 16, 2022
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Artists Wanted for CASIO Notes Video Series


For the video series CASIO Notes, CASIO is looking for the most promising gigmit acts on the piano and keyboard. They want to hear a one-minute composition of your own on a specific CASIO key instrument and talk to you about the art of composition, good sound, and personal details of your creative work.

Here you learn everything about this opportunity and how you can participate.

What Is CASIO Notes?

CASIO Notes is a video series that introduces promising musicians, composers, and producers on piano and keyboard. The short format consists of an interview part and a short performance of the musicians.

How Can I Join the CASIO Notes?

Being selected as a promising gigmit act is not difficult. You are a musician, composer, or producer and you operate the keys in an extraordinary way? Apply simply and quickly to this call.

CASIO Notes Piano & Keyboard Performance + Interview

What Do the CASIO Notes Look Like?

The CASIO Notes were realized in 2021 for the first time with gigmit acts. Here you can see some results.

Check out more CASIO Notes HERE on the gigmit blog.

What Instruments Are Played In the CASIO Notes?

There are a total of 4 instruments provided on-site to choose from.

PX-S1100 or PX-S3100

The PX-S1100 is world’s slimmest 88-key digital piano featuring smart scaled hammer action keyboard, Bluetooth® Audio & MIDI, and 18 tones. Learn more here…

The PX-S3100 includes the features of the PX-S1100 and a total of 700 tones and 200 rhythms. Learn more here…

We are looking for 2 futuristic artists of all genres to perform on these two digital pianos.

Celviano GP-510

As the top model in the Grand Hybrid series, the Celviano GP-510 raises the bar for digital pianos and guarantees an exceptionally authentic playing experience. It was developed in collaboration with C. Bechstein, got three famous grand piano sounds in one instrument featuring natural grand hammer action and sophisticated, black-polished finish. Learn more here…

2 composers of classical and contemporary music are wanted to perform on this high-class instrument.


Hear your own lyrics sung as you play the melody on the keyboard! Using CASIO’s unique Vocal Synthesis sound source technology the CT-S1000V takes lyrics from your smart device and – using one of the ranges of built-in vocal tones – lets you play the vocal line using the keyboard. Learn more here…

2 progressive artists and producers using Vocal Synthesis are called upon to perform on this instrument. The selected artists are sent the instrument before the shoot so that the performance on the keyboard can be prepared accordingly.

Check out here how Fabien NILO plays the CT-S1000V:

What Artists Are You Looking for?

All genres have a chance, no matter where you’re from. CASIO wants to work with 2 futuristic artists on CASIO PX-S1100 or PX-S3100, with 2 classical or contemporary composers on Celviano GP-510, and with 2 progressive producers using vocal synthesis on CT-S1000V.

In the application, 3 questions are asked at the end.

  1. On which of the instruments will you perform?
    Please name one of the digital pianos or keyboards mentioned above.
  2. In which set-up will you perform?
    Is it a solo or band performance? Is it acoustic or amplified? Simple set-ups, solo or with minimal accompaniment are preferred.
  3. Which of your compositions would you have thought of?
    We think it’s best if you link a short video of you introducing yourself in English and playing your song. The song does not have to be exclusive. However, there must be no third-party rights attached to the performance of your composition for CASIO Notes.

What Happens After the Application?

The application period ends on 7.3. at 0:00 CET. After you apply for the CASIO Notes Opportunity, CASIO will book the best matching artists via gigmit in early March. If you are selected, we will be contacted via gigmit.

When & Where the Shooting Will Take Place?

The CASIO Notes video shoot will probably take place in calendar week 13 in a nice studio or a comparable venue in Germany. The allowance is 500€ per artist. Travel expenses can be reimbursed to a small extent.

Now, go ahead, take your chance! Get featured in CASIO Notes and apply now for this great opportunity.


We are keeping our fingers crossed for you!