May 22, 2021
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Become A Better Vocalist By Recording Your Voice


While it’s not always easy to listen to yourself, recording your voice and then listening back to it can be tremendously helpful in improving your singing. Recording artist Peggy Hogin from LANDR explains how she does it and shares her reasons why recording can make you a better vocalist.

7 Reasons Why Recording Will Make You a Better Vocalist

Recording yourself can be very beneficial, as when listening back you may hear things that you wouldn’t while practicing. Identifying and fixing intonation problems, improving your vocal tone, and checking your phrasing and pronunciation are just some of the things recording your voice can help you with.

Want to improve your vocal recordings and become a better vocalist? Then watch this video to discover 7 reasons why recording your voice is so important for developing your vocals and get started now!

For recording yourself, USB-microphones such as the MV 7 or the MV 51 are recommendable, as they have a good sound quality and are super easy to set up and use.

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