Jun 24, 2022
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CASIO Notes: gigmit’s Top Pianists Advice to Musicians


For the video series CASIO Notes, we were looking for six promising gigmit acts on the piano and keyboard to meet on their instrument and talk about the art of composition, good sound, and personal details of their creative work.

The results are these wonderful melodies, insights, and some precious advice to musicians. Have fun introducing the artists and watching the CASIO Notes…

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Swedish pianist/composer Peter Sandberg has established an international reputation by creating rich, thought-provoking, and atmospheric music. Reaching over 450 million streams, his music has featured in Stranger Things Season 3 as well as in adverts for big brands. For the CASIO Notes, Peter improvised his melody “Remember” on the Celviano GP-510. Learn more about the CASIO Celviano GP-510 here…

Peter’s advice to musicians: “Get out of your comfort zone and try new things!”

Don’t Be Too Hard On Yourself

Haunting intimate vocals over delicate acoustics, dreamy landscapes met with dynamic dread of an emotive exit – Elkvilla is the project of Australian singer-songwriter & producer Adam Dudek who writes records and mixes music in his Berlin apartment. For the CASIO Notes, he plays his song “Not Where I Wanted” on the CASIO PX-S1100. Learn more about the CASIO PX-S1100 here…

Adam’s advice to musicians: “Don’t be too hard on yourself!” 

Be Yourself & Have Fun With It

Inspired by the approach of many trap artists not to overthink their lyrics and to put flow before judgment, Berlin-based adventurer, captain, and artist Ted Brasko tries to finish songs within a few hours without revision – and that’s how his song “FTM” was created on the CASIO CT-S1000V. As a performing artist, Ted Brasko is always trying to redefine the possibilities of a live show and to find new ways to shape the audience’s experience including different types of media, storytelling, theatre, musicals, and performance. Learn more about the CT-S1000V here…

Ted’s advice to musicians: “Be yourself and have fun with it!”

Follow Your Inspiration Relentlessly

The uniquely talented, Indianapolis-born, Chicago-chiseled, and Berlin-based vocalist/emcee/pianist, Sean Haefeli, has been on the music scene for two decades. Sean’s Nu-Jazz bridges the gap between the classic and cutting-edge. With his distinctive skill set and compositional flare, he inhabits a space all his own. Here Sean performs on the CASIO PX-S3100 his song “Breaking Away“. Learn more about the CASIO PX-S3100 here…

Sean’s advice to musicians: Find what inspires you and follow that path relentlessly!”

Don’t Forget the Satisfaction of the Audience

Mathieu Harlaut composes, records, and plays as Chamberlain to unfold the harmony of his writing, the science of poetry, and the movement of dance. In this performance on the Celviano GP-510, the French neo-classical act has dispensed with the electro machines and presents us with his song “A-dage” in pure piano sound. Learn more about the CASIO Celviano GP-510 here…

Mathieu’s advice to musicians: “Listen to all the music in the world and try to create your own, without forgetting the satisfaction of the audience!”

Go Ahead & Do It

No Bloom Now is the solo project of the Berlin musician, producer and sound engineer Lukas Zepf. In his music, the multi-instrumentalist interweaves elements of art-pop and electronic to create unique and complex sound worlds. His song “When You Fall” was performed exclusively with the CASIO CT-S1000V. Learn more about the CT-S1000V here…

Lukas’ advice to musicians: “Go ahead and do it!”

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