Apr 26, 2024

Navigating the CWXP Metaverse Space: A Guide for Artists

CWXP provides a platform for artists to host digital concerts, merging live shows with Web3 interactivity for a global audience. This guide covers everything from content upload to fan engagement, helping both new and seasoned performers succeed in their digital concerts.

The Unique Features of CWXP

CWXP consists of several features including: 

A Virtual Music Stage: Perform live in a captivating virtual space designed to deliver the energy and authenticity of a live show.

Promotional Artist Showcases: Highlight your journey as an artist, including your story, music, NFTs, and more.

NFT Integration: Explore new revenue streams by showcasing your digital assets, such as Music NFTs, alongside your performance.

An Interactive Audience Engagement: Transform passive viewers into active participants with our live chat function.

metaverse space

To Do’s: Pre-Event

To ensure a smooth experience of your live performance it is essential that you execute the following 5 steps before the event:

1. Asset Upload: Live Video

Your Live Performance will be pre-recorded to ensure a smooth experience for everyone. Still for your fans it will seem like a live performance. 

We ask you to upload the Live Video at least three weeks before your event through the drive folder in this form. Additionally we encourage you to create a Youtube Premiere and provide us with the link to it. This is how Youtube Premieres work.

The video should have the following requirements:

Format: mp4 (H264), 1080p

Bitrate: 4000 kbps

Frames per second: 24 to 60

Audio: Multi-channel recording, mixed audio, stereo, 44.1 or 48kHz Sample Rate

2. Asset Upload: Promotional Content (incl. NFTs)

To highlight you as an artist and let fans know who you are, we need some promotional content from your side to upload to the Metaverse Space. This includes press pics, links to your social media, NFTs, and a short press text. Make sure your content is engaging and accurately represents your artist brand.

Upload all the promotional content at least three weeks before your event through this form.

3. Explore the Metaverse Space

The objective is to familiarize yourself with the CWXP platform to enhance audience interaction. Visit cwxp.io, enter your name, and click connect to access a tutorial on navigating your avatar. Explore features like moving your avatar, using chat, clicking links and NFTs for external websites, and traversing portals, particularly to the music stage where your live set will be uploaded for a shared celebration with your audience.


4. Recommended Hardware and Software

For a smooth Metaverse exploration before the event, ensure your setup includes: 

A desktop or laptop (no mobile devices), 

A stable Wi-Fi with Ethernet,

A recommended browser like Chrome,

At least an Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB RAM, and dedicated graphics with 2GB.

If your setup doesn’t meet these specifications, try lowering the graphics settings in the Metaverse space. Not fulfilling all requirements doesn’t mean it won’t work but it will give you the best chances to ensure a smooth experience. It’s also wise to share these requirements with your fans for optimal experience.

5. Pre-Event Marketing

metaverse event

The success of your virtual concert on CWXP begins way before the first note is played. To ensure a vibrant audience, it’s 

essential to collaborate on the pre-event marketing strategy. 

We would love to see you promote your live performance via all your social media channels. Our promotion activities will focus on the following platforms, you can interact and collaborate with us on: 

Twitter: @CWXPeurope | @gigmit 

Instagram / Facebook / LinkedIn: @gigmit 

Remember, CWXP is an EU-funded project. Please make sure to always mention: “#creativeeurope”, “Supported by @europe_creative” (Twitter) or “Supported by @creative.eu” (Instagram) on all of your promotional posts. 

We also highly encourage you to join our Discord as this where the CWXP community with its fans and artists should interact with each other. 

To Do’s: During the Event

Arrive 30 minutes early to interact with fans before your live performance, and maintain the live illusion by not engaging during the show. Guide fans, promote your content, and communicate details like where to find your performance and purchase NFTs. Encourage fans to stay for post-event perks like Q&As. Familiarize yourself with Web3 language through Twitter and Discord, and incorporate it into your communication. Also, promote the event on your social media with recordings or screenshots to attract more attendees.

To Do’s: Post-Event

Your CWXP experience doesn’t end after the event. Make use of your new connections, channels and the tools we provided you with (e.g. stay active in CWXP Discord). Exploit the content created during your performance for post-event promotion.Share insights from your Metaverse experience with your fans. Keep on exploring the Metaverse and its different options. 


CWXP offers a fun platform for artists to perform and connect with their audience online. To make the most of your Metaverse music event, prepare thoroughly, leverage CWXP’s features, and interact with your audience throughout the event. This approach promises a new era of digital musical experiences.

For assistance, contact josef@gigmit.com or open a support ticket on our Discord’s support section. Additionally, seek advice or feedback from the community in the #artist-channel or #lounge.

Not applied to play in the CWXP Metaverse yet? Simply apply here with your gigmit Artist profile.