May 04, 2021
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Shure is searching for 6 talented singers for a live stream Twitch gig on July 1st. €500 fixed fee and the hero mic of your choice included. Apply now for the upcoming twitch stream powered by Shure on July 1st!

Shure Live Stream

You want to perform with one of the hero mics from Shure and be part of the exclusive Twitch live stream happening on July 30th? Apply now and tell us which of the following mics is your favorite and why you would be the perfect candidate to represent it during our gig. The vocal mics of choice are: SM7B, SM58, Super55, SM86, KSM8, and Beta58A.

Shure Live Stream

Apply HERE and get a € 500 fixed fee and the Mic of your choice!


Choose the Right Mic for Your Voice

We’ll send you a mic of your choice in advance for your performance on the Shure Live Stream on Twitch. Please indicate in your application which of the following hero mics from Shure you would like to sing with.


From rap to rock, this powerful dynamic microphone delivers smooth, warm vocals every time. The SM7B’s wide frequency response captures the finer details of your performance, while its rugged construction reduces unwanted distortions no matter how loud you’re singing. Find out more here…


There’s a very good reason this durable dynamic microphone is a live performance legend. With a pneumatic shock mount and built-in pop filter, the SM58 provides warm, crisp vocals no matter if you’re in a humongous stadium or cozy club. It’s affordable, reliable and sounds just as good in a recording studio. Find out more here…


Do you appreciate classic style yet still want a modern microphone? Well, we’ve got something to bring your voice back to the future. The Super 55 is undoubtedly one beauty of a mic. But it also has the technology powering our Beta 58A model inside, so you’ll sound as good as you look on stage. The King would approve. Find out more here…


Do your vocals need the careful caress of a condenser, but you prefer a nifty handheld form factor on stage? Then this is the microphone for you! The SM86 is an affordable option offering studio-quality sound yet is built to withstand the rigors of touring. Find out more here…


No compromises. Not when it comes to your sound. Or your looks! The KSM8 Dualdyne™ sets a new standard for dynamic vocal microphones. Packed with two ultra-thin diaphragms and other groundbreaking technology, this mic has been meticulously crafted for world-class performances at elite venues – or wherever you happen to be singing. Find out more here…


No offense to your bandmates, but this dynamic microphone is likely to become your best friend on stage. The Beta 58A’s brighter midrange and bass roll-off will give your vocals a mighty presence in the mix. Plus, its supercardioid pickup pattern works harder to isolate your sound from everything around you. Find out more here…

Elevate Your Voice

Apply HERE and tell us which of these mics you want to perform with at the Shure Live Stream on July 1st. You will receive the mic of your choice and a € 500 fixed fee. The deadline for applications is June 3rd 2021 at 23:59 CET. We look forward to receiving your application!

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