Jun 05, 2020

FAQs: INES#talent Programme


INES, the Innovation Network of European Showcases, is a European cooperation project by gigmit and 20 European showcase festivals. One of its four programmes designed to support European artists and music pros in order to build their international careers is INES#talent. Find out everything you need to know about the programme, how it works and how to apply in our INES#talent FAQs.

Who can apply?

  • Every artist from the participating countries Austria, Czechia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, North Macedonia, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.
  • The nominee has to be available for at least 8 out of 20 INES festival dates in the year to come. Most festivals take place in April, September or November, with some exceptions.

How can I apply?

  • You can apply here. Applications for the INES#talent 2021 programme was open from June 8th to August 16st 2020. Stay tuned for next year!
  • For your INES#talent application you will need to create a gigmit profile or log in if you already have one.
  • At the end of the application you will confirm the conditions of participation. Once your application is submitted you will receive a confirmation email.

How does the nomination process work?

  • Each INES#festival nominates between 2 to 10 promising and export-ready artists from their own country to the INES#talent pool. 
  • The #talents 2021 will be announced in October 2020. The INES#talent status begins with 01.01.2021 and is valid for two years (until the end of 2022).

How are talents booked at festivals?

  • After being nominated, INES#talents need to apply for the showcases they would like to play at via gigmit. Bookers will then invite between 2 and 10 foreign artists to play at their festival.
  • You can find out which festivals are open for applications at the moment here.

Does being an INES#talent mean that I automatically get booked at an INES#festival?

  • No, being an INES#talent does not guarantee that you will get booked by an INES#festival, but it does significantly raise your chances. In 2021, there are over 70 slots that the 20 INES#festivals offer to the artists in the INES#talent pool. In the past, more than two thirds of the INES#talents played at at least one INES#festivals.

How can I increase my chances of getting booked?

  • Your gigmit artist page is the first thing festival bookers will see when reviewing your application. Make sure that the information on your gigmit profile is complete and up-to-date, including images and links to your music or music videos.
  • Most importantly, be active! Apply to as many INES#festivals as possible, network, send updates of your activities to the INES team, travel to festivals as a delegate twith the INES#pro programme,…

What are the benefits of being an INES#talent?

  • Each booked #talent is offered a minimum package consisting of:
    • Min. 250€ fee (plus VAT) per act and festival
    • Accommodation or compensation for accommodation
    • Basic backline (amp, drum kit, no guitars)
    • Festival passes & one conference ticket
    • Catering or buyout
    • NO compensation of travel costs – we recommend getting in touch with your national music export offices for support
  • The INES#talent status lasts for 2 years, which can be a career booster even if you don’t get booked at INES#festivals.
  • A spotlight in the INES marketing channels: INES#talents and their activities are promoted on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as well as in the INES Newsletter or in special features.

What happens if my band is an INES#talent but the INES#festival that booked us does not want to provide the minimum package?

  • The number of slots reserved for INES#talents is limited, but this does not mean that you cannot perform at the festival if all the INES#talent slots are already filled. INES#festivals may choose to book additional INES#talents outside of the INES project framework. In that case it can happen that an INES#talent will not receive the minimum package, as it is not performing at the given festival as an INES#talent
  • In other cases, please write to contact@ines-festivals.eu

What are my commitments as an INES#talent?

  • You should be available at min. 8 out of 20 festival dates in the year to come.
  • You accept the offered minimum compensation package.
  • You agree to your artist name being associated with the INES programme (e.g.: online, on stages, in festival programmes).

Do you have any other questions that weren’t answered in our INES#Talent FAQs? Please send us an email to contact@ines-festivals.eu.

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