Mar 14, 2019

Where To Get Funding for International Gigs?

International gigs are often published on our platform – concerts and festival gigs in Austria, Switzerland, England, Spain, Italy, America and more. However, the associated costs (travel, accommodation, meals) mean that it isn’t always easy to play such gigs. But, as saying goes: for every problem there is a solution! Tadaaa… and the solution is: get funding for international gigs.

To help German bands and musicians boost their career prospects, many organisations provide special funding programmes. Examples include Initiative Musik, the Goethe Institut and Musicboard.

1. Short Tour Funding from Initiative Musik:

This programme helps bands in Germany expand their international careers. Support is provided for performances at showcase festivals such as South by Southwest, Eurosonic Noorderslag, The Great Escape oder Liverpool Sound City. Since 2010 approximately 250 bands from Germany have received financial support.

Learn more about Short Tour Funding here.

2. Funding opportunities from the Goethe Institute:

Upcoming and professional artists are supported and promoted in equal measure. Amongst others, tours and individual shows are supported.

Learn more about the funding available here.

3. Funding support from Musicboard Berlin:

Young and emerging musicians find it especially difficult to put on large concerts. And that’s exactly where Musicboard Berlin can lend a helping hand – giving upcoming artists the opportunity to play support for well-known bands on both the national and international level. Because young musicians don’t always have the necessary budget for this, Musicboard offers financial support to help them expand their fanbase and experience in the live music industry!

Learn more about the conditions here.


We currently have some really awesome international gigs on offer. So make sure to check them out, apply and request gig funding support.