Oct 18, 2022

gigmit acquires gigscene at MaMA Festival 2022

Today, we’re excited to announce that gigmit will be acquiring Gigscene in a deal that has been closed at MaMA Festival 2022!

Through this acquisition, gigmit will move into the French music market and increase the number of international opportunities for artists all across Europe.

For several years, both Gigscene and gigmit have been working towards the same goal of giving artists easy access to gigs. We are in some sense the same mind in two different bodies. The acquisition will combine the resources of both companies in the pursuit of revolutionising gig booking. One platform. One industry. One goal.

Gigscene acquired by gigmit

gigmit has always had one simple objective: to modernise gig booking and make it easily accessible for all artists. In recent years, we have been consistently growing our influence across Europe. 

Our strongest connections have always been in Germany and the UK, however, following the acquisition of Gigscene, gigmit will have the opportunity for huge growth within the French music scene. By increasing our festival and venue database with new contacts in France, we will increase the number of opportunities for not only our French users, but also our international users. 

This acquisition allows us to expand our international network and create opportunities all over the world for our users, all accessible with just a few clicks!

We take the vision of Gigscene fully onboard to support emerging artists by offering easy access to thousands of gig opportunities online.

We will continue with all efforts to become an industry standard for the live music industry and help festivals, clubs, and artists, agents and managers to connect and book sold out shows in no time. I am thankful for Adéla’s advice and proud of the work she has done. We will build on top of that.

Marcus Fitzgerald, CEO and Founder of gigmit

Gigscene x Molotow Moloch Quartet
Gigscene x Molotow Moloch Quartet

This acquisition is a huge step in the right direction for both companies.

By combining the networks, contacts and user base, gigmit will be able to expand its reach and create exciting new opportunities in the French music scene.

Having first met at MaMA Festival back in 2019, the two companies have come full circle, and we have finally closed the deal for the acquisition at MaMA Festival 2022.

By joining forces, we have opened up the doors to a whole range of new possibilities and innovations in an industry that has long since optimised for business outcomes over artist experience.


We are excited that musicians and bands from Gigscene will now continue their journey on gigmit and thus discover new stages to play on. With gigmit, we share the same vision and passion for the live music, and we can’t wait to see all these exciting new opportunities to perform for Gigscene musicians.

Adéla Sundby

About Gigscene

The French-Czech startup Gigscene was founded in 2018 in Paris, by Adéla Sundby and Jan Sundby, with a vision of a new digital tool to modernise the concert booking process and to create a live music marketplace of musicians and venues. 

Gigscene’s main goal was to internationalise the music scene even in smaller venues and to give musicians a chance to discover new clubs, perform for different audiences and make their music travel. 

Seduced by the possibility to book gigs more easily, musicians and bands from literally all over the world quickly joined Gigscene platform and hundreds of concerts were booked via Gigscene in 4 European cities (Paris, Prague, Brno & Brussels). 

Gigscene was one of the first music-tech start-ups to integrate the world’s biggest start-up campus, Station F, in Paris. In 2019, Gigscene won the first prize at the AllezHop!

Further accomplishments by Gigscene include:

  • Digital futures in culture, in Mannheim
  • An innovation prize from LaNouvelleOnde at the MaMA Convention 2018
  • A special mention from the jury at the PitchTonInno2018 — Bpi Inno Générations in Paris
  • Participation in numerous music-tech and start-up events.
Performance at Gigscene Concert
Performance at Gigscene Concert

Since the very beginning of Gigscene, we were aware of gigmit, followed their activities and we wished them to succeed because we believed strongly that the booking system of the live music sector needs to modernise.

We finally met with Marcus (the CEO of gigmit) in person at the MaMA 2019 and spent an hour talking about our visions, the live music sector and both our projects. We stayed in touch ever since, and especially during Covid crisis, we were discussing what is next for us and live music in general.

We are also glad to be announcing this acquisition deal during the MaMA 2022, because it was actually here where Gigscene got one its first recognitions: the innovation prize 2018 of LaNouvelleOnde.

Adéla Sundby, CEO and Founder of Gigscene

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