Dec 03, 2020

gigmit Goes LIVE On Twitch


That’s a first! We are starting a new series of live streams our new Twitch channel. In our quest of the right streaming platform, we are now kicking off a new era of live streaming with 6 live streams of gigmit acts that will also be featured on the Twitch front page. 

Live On Twitch

This new live stream series offers a new stage to our artist community. After testing numerous streaming platforms we decided to go live on Twitch! Our aim is to give even more gigmit acts the chance to perform more freely. In fact, we eventually aim at opening our Twitch channel for artists to be able to perform here at any time day or night.

We will start on Thursday 3, December 2020 with live streams by artists of all genres, giving a particular spotlight to the INES#talents who applied. Due to the current state of the live music industry, it has been difficult for the artists of the INES#talent pool to perform at INES showcase festivals that happened in digital form or had to be cancelled altogether. Consequently, we decided to offer them a special stage to showcase their music on Twitch!

And as a bonus, our first two hour streaming session will be featured on the front page. 🙏

Line Up:

Shao Dow and Paris Love-Child are two INES#talents from the UK selected by Liverpool Sound City

Watch the live streams directly on our Twitch channel.

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