Sep 03, 2020
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ForTunes Interview: How the App Helps Your Artist Career

Take your music career to the next level with ForTunes. Christoph Muck, COO and co-founder at Fortunes, tells you how to track your artist data and mentions on streaming services, social media platforms and blogs. Learn how to make the most of the app and get 37% off with gigmit!

Christoph Muck - COO / Co-Founder Fortunes
Christoph Muck – COO / Co-Founder Fortunes

What is ForTunes about?

ForTunes is the all-in-one music insights platform – available for iOS, Android and web-browser. We track data from a variety of streaming services, social media platforms and blogs. The heart of the platform is a news-feed that keeps our users up-to-date with career-related events, such as playlist placements, fan and influencer uploads, blog mentions, comments, thresholds and achievements – which our users can share directly on social media, letting their fans and followers know about cool stuff happening in their career.

Verified ForTunes users are able to create a public profile – a dedicated landing page enabling them to share links to their streaming and social media profiles and showcase milestones and achievements. Our Team feature lets verified users invite team members – like a manager, label executive or booker – to their artist profile.

Who is it for? Only for big acts or also newcomers? At which point in your career is it worth using ForTunes?

ForTunes is built for everybody who releases music online or runs social media profiles. While bigger artists might enjoy our Team feature, making sure everyone on the team has access to the same insights, newcomers, trying to create a stir for themselves might find the possibility to track other artists and learn which playlists or blogs have worked for them, helpful. 

While the majority of our users are artists, we see more and more labels and managements join our service. With the Multi-Feed we just recently launched a feature that streamlines the data of several artists in one single feed, making it super easy to keep up with developments of a whole roster.

How can artists make the best use of the app? How much does it cost?

After downloading the app and creating an account there’s a quick onboarding process – we need artists to point and connect us to their streaming and social media profiles. That’s it. From the moment, an artist has created a profile, we update their data on a daily basis. We encourage our users to turn notifications on so they never miss a beat.

The ForTunes Feed, Public Profile, the Team feature as well as social media shareables are for free while deeper insights into Playlists, Influencers, Comments, Uploads & Followers are available for € 7.99 a month. GIGMIT users get a discount though, just enter ARTIST5 at checkout and get ForTunes for only € 5 a month. We also offer a risk-free 10-day trial (no credit card needed). Just give it a try!

In which countries is the app live?

ForTunes is available worldwide. Right now artists in 78 countries are using our service. 

ForTunes Interview

What was the initial starting point and reason for the ForTunes app to be launched? Which problems does it solve? 

We started ForTunes a few years ago because we noticed how the music industry was changing. Digitalisation gave millions of artists, producers & bands the opportunity to produce, release and promote their music worldwide – and naturally, they take that chance and edge into the market. But a lot of these artists are on their own and lack a convenient tool that helps them to gather and analyse their data – so they need to spend less time in several data backends and have more time for working on their music.

At the time we started, music analytic tools were mainly built for big labels or agencies. Our mission is putting artists back in the driver seat.

In what way are ForTunes analytics complementing the gigmit Fan Insights (and vice versa) and why should artists use ForTunes? 

We really like the vision of GIGMIT, making it easier for artists to connect with promoters – and Fan Insights is a great tool to provide bookers with a quick overview of an artist’s followers. ForTunes and Fan Insights mesh very well.

We believe ForTunes it’s the most convenient way to stay up-to-date with career developments. Our app notifies artists when something great like a Spotify playlist placement or a YouTube upload is detected and gives them the possibility to immediately share that achievement. Even on tour or in the studio, the app and their data is always with them. With insights, always at their fingertips, artists and their teams can make better decisions and increase their chances of success thus being more attractive to bookers and promoters.

In your opinion, what’s the importance of data analytics in a successful artist career?

In a digitalised world with seemingly endless possibilities to release and promote music, it’s super important to know where the fanbase is growing, how tracks perform on playlists or what fans think about the music. Informed artists make better decisions and with the sheer amount of artists, releasing tens of thousands of tracks every single day it’s becoming more and more important to make the right decisions to create and seize opportunities whenever possible.

Streaming and social media data is very fragmented though, often hidden in the data backends of the respective services – for DIY artists it can be an almost impossible task to get the data they need. With ForTunes we’re cracking those data silos open and present artists and their teams with the right information at the right time.

Fortunes Interview

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