Jun 26, 2019

The Importance of Building Up Your Fanbase On Social Media

And tips on how to do it
You want more fans? More success? More gigs? And you’ve got Facebook, Instagram and the rest – but don’t know how to go about it? Social media is key to successfully increasing your fanbase. But don’t panic – these tips will help you to increase your outreach.

First of all, let’s be clear: everyone needs social media channels – the more the better! You take a pinch of Facebook and Instagram, add a bit of Twitter and Snapchat, combine them with a couple of cool tools like “invite all” or “facebook search” and voilà! You want to reach as many fans as possible and build a fanbase on social media, right? Especially because promoters and talent scouts use your popularity to judge how successful you are. First impressions are often decisive – and will determine whether you’re selected or not. So grab your smartphone and let’s get started!

Every platform can be used for self-promotion. Show them what you’re made of – because personality rules. Get in touch with your fans, promoters, other musicians and labels. Don’t hide in the shadows – show emotion, live a little! Link, share and tag. Jump headfirst into the great big world of networking, because interaction and presence are everything in business. So get going!

Be up-to- date and professional

No one wants to know what you were doing six years ago. It’s boring and puts people off. Get some order into your life. Delete everything that’s old and unimportant. Update your photos, info and timeline. And don’t forget – people want to see your personality and creativity. It’s all about getting the right mix between professionalism and character. Maybe you’re in the studio at the moment? Or doing a soundcheck? Get your mobiles out and take a couple of cool shots. Your Snapchat and Instagram Stories are just waiting to be filled! Tweet about your shows and experiences. Your fans want to follow your every move! The more personal the better.

More Likes

So you’ve been around for 3 years, but your profile still only has 286 likes/followers? Then it’s time to crack on and send out some invitations: to your friends, your friends’ friends and your friends’ friends’ friends. Link all of your channels to your website. And if you’re playing gigs, don’t forget to mention them on your social media feeds. Talk about them, hand out business cards, sell merch. Give it your all! No one looks at a webpage for longer than 5 seconds if the posts aren’t worth sticking around for. It’s really important for scouts and managers to be able to see your fans’ feedback before offering you contracts and concerts.

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Create events

You’re playing a show in two weeks and you need to get a crowd together in Hamburg? Create a suitable event and start inviting people. Tell everyone about it and don’t forget to add tags and links. Spread the word amongst groups in and around the venue location. It’s pretty unlikely that someone is going to travel from Stuttgart to Hamburg to see an unknown band, right? So adapt to your target market. You’re about to drop your first EP and you want the venue to be packed? What are you waiting for? In just a few clicks you’ll have set up your event. And always remember – you’re promoting yourself and need to make the event as appealing as possible. Get the crowds to go crazy over your new single. You can find more tips on live gigs here.

Network and link till you drop

OK, so your dream is to make it big. You need to get people to listen to you. Nothing is more boring that an outdated band profile. Fans and managers want authenticity and individuality. Blogger XY just posted a small review about you? XY Magazine has offered you a feature in its latest edition? You have the honour of playing gigs with other artists? Then be grateful – announce it proudly, share it and don’t forget to link and tag!