Aug 30, 2022

How to Put Your Music on Twitch

Twitch is a place to grow a fanbase and earn money. Read why artists need to put their music on Twitch and what makes it different from other streaming platforms.

Music On Twitch

Even though Twitch is a livestream platform primarily for gamers, it has become more and more attractive everyday for artists, who can monetise content by cultivating fans that express their loyalty through patronage. For some artists, Twitch is a place to grow a fanbase and to make enough money for this to be a solid side hustle or even a full-time job.

The popularity of live streaming platforms raised significantly in past years, especially in the times of lockdown. But what makes Twitch stand out for musicians is how it creates connections between artists and their audience. So why should you play your music on Twitch?

Twitch stream

Why Should you Give Twitch a Chance?

The main goal of Twitch for artists is to gather a loyal fanbase. In comparison with other large streaming platforms like Spotify, it is always a risk that your music gets lost amongst others. 

In contrast, Twitch allows interactions with the audience on a smaller, but more direct and personal level. Rather than just watching a performance, fans are allowed to enter the stream with their own cams. Most social media channels are built in the way where users are scrolling through endless content, while Twitch allows users to spend extended sessions supporting creators and watching the creative process.

How to Make Money on Twitch

What makes twitch different from other streaming platforms is the way artists can monetise their online presence there.

Rather than sharing a portion of ad or streaming revenue with artists, Twitch offers its own virtual currency system called ‘Bits’. Bits can be used in different ways, such as buying a “Cheers”- a virtual tip for an artist.

During the streaming, viewers can also make donations to request songs. These donations appear on screen, so musicians and other fans can show appreciation for tips. This nurtures a relationship between artists and fans on another level, and transforms the audience into something truly valuable.

Music on Twitch

How to Succeed on Twitch

While Twitch makes it easier for musicians to monetise content, it does not guarantee instant profit. There are a couple tips that artists can use to make the platform work for them:

1.Keep a consistent schedule.

Your audience wants to know when to expect new releases. Therefore, we recommend artists to plan their streaming in advance. Twitch allows you to post a schedule of your broadcasts, so your listeners know when to tune in. As always, consistency is the key.

2.Be creative and recognisable.

What separates Twitch from other streaming platforms is that modern audiences really crave authentic content. Successful streaming is not about being perfect, but being creative and authentic instead. Do not be afraid to communicate with your audience not only with music. Being closer to your fans will enrich your performance.

3.Take requests and covers.

Twitch is a great opportunity for your listeners to get a one-off experience of seeing someone performing up and close. As a musician, taking song requests and covers moves things one step further, because it is impossible to do performing on stage at a live gig. 
  4.Be part of the community.

As any other digital platform, Twitch is all about community. Becoming a part of an online community is very important, as it will grow your presence among listeners as well as among your fellow artists.

In order to achieve this, you need to set up an auto-hosting list on your channel. This broadcasts another user’s stream on your channel when you are not broadcasting. This is a good way to keep fans switched onto your channel, as well as opening up opportunities for collaboration with fellow artists.

So we highly recommend you to give Twitch a try. Expand your horizons and grow your fanbase. 

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