Sep 30, 2022

Invest in the Future of Live Music – gigmit Crowd Investing

We have exciting news: on Thursday, October 06 at 12pm, we will launch a crowd investing campaign on Seedmatch. For this, we are willing to give away a share of our company and future profits, not to just anyone, but to you, our users and everyone who believes in the future of live music. Here we tell how you can participate…

Our goal

This is for musicians*, for promoters and people who love events and music. Even before gigmit was founded, live events inspired us and to this day, 10 years after our founding, music and events are what drive us.

There are more than 40 million artists in the world, and about 80 million events every year. Until today, when these two sides want to come together, it is said that it can only be done with a network that has grown for years, or with extensive research, Excel spreadsheets and event visits. Of course, this is reserved for only a few and takes years.

gigmit puts an end to this. gigmit makes live music booking easy. We are on our way to provide the music industry with the right technology and make this world more open, easier and more democratic. When did we make it? When most artists in the world find their matching stages in a few seconds and event organizers find their matching artists in a few seconds — the ones that make the event successful.

And what does it take?

A platform that is constantly evolving. Yesterday Facebook was important, today it’s Instagram and tomorrow TikTok. When we were founded, 90% of our portal users were desktop users; today, 90% are mobile users.
While our marketing was very performance-oriented for a long time, today we work on success stories and focus on cooperation with musicians and festivals.

We develop our product and marketing with a team of 16 people. To make our international success perfect, we have to invest further: in the expansion of our team and the growth of our community.

This has already worked very well so far:

  • gigmit has massively developed its own platform.
  • gigmit has the best user rating since its founding (4 out of 5 stars on all platforms).
  • gigmit has the largest community (over 220,000 users) in our segment in Europe and is growing rapidly in the US.
  • gigmit has the largest and most brand deals in the company’s history, including Yamaha, Sixt, JBL, CASIO and Sennheiser.
  • gigmit has currently achieved the largest turnover in the company’s history, over 1 million euros, and has been growing since day 1 of the company’s founding.

gigmit brand partners

Your investment shows effect! Through our previous crowd investment, we have achieved the following:

  • Tripled the number of users and monthly registrations
  • Growth of advertised performance opportunities by 500%
  • Growth of advertised fees by 900%
  • US business launched, with already 1/3 revenue to the USA and fastest growth
  • Cost per user reduced by 300%, return on ad spend (ROAS) increased to 500
  • Cooperation with mega festivals in Europe: Sziget, Rock am Ring, Iceland Airwaves, Summerstage, Sunset Beach Festival, Reeperbahn Festival, exclusive cooperation with industry festival Mondo.NYC in New York secured
  • Annual sales increased by 100 % in both areas “gigmit PRO” and “gigmit for Brands”
  • Successful music producer Ivo Moring invests in gigmit and is Chairman of the Board

Participation in gigmit’s success

We want you to profit twice from what we achieve together: content-wise through more gigs and a better product, and financially through the success of our company.

Now you have the chance to participate. What do we have in mind?

  • Get more gigs and more artists on gigmit
  • Improve features with automatic booking assistant and easier data analysis
  • Expand our festival and clubs network
  • Radically simplify gigs and booking
  • Expand partnerships with brands
  • Predict how many people will come to your gig
  • And more!

Sounds good to you? Then join the crowdinvestment of gigmit: 🌱 #mehrgigmit